Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Topless for the Summer

The MRU looked a bit different this week - the boss had removed the SnugTop cover from the back (ie the big blue bit at the back marked 'HM Coastguard') and the truck had reverted to being a crew-cab pick up again.
The bit in the red circle came off but we didnt get any photos - use your imagination!!

Contrary to my suspicions, this wasn't the new summer look, but had to be done to gain access to replace the rear cab window which broke recently.  Its thought that constant on / off road driving and the associated body stresses and movement had finally taken its toll on the window which had cracked and dropped in and then shattered everywhere.
Once the new window was installed - a matter of seconds - the SnugTop was refitted and all our rescue kit replaced - a matter of hours.  Ian kindly checked off all the kit as he did it which means kit night tonight won't be quite so long, with half of the work having already been done - thanks Ian.

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John B said...

Had the same problem with my roof window on the landy 110 csw. Shattered the 5mm thick glass doing a 3 point turn along the track near the light house at Anvil Point. Try it again one day and smash the other one!!