Monday, 25 June 2012

Second Aid

After our First Aid training the other week, we had some more tonight, presumably that makes it Second Aid.  The session was led by our very own Chris, himself is a student paramedic, and it concentrated on the sorts of scenarios we might come across as Coastguards.

In particular we looked at dealing with unresponsive casualties and administering CPR using a life sized dummy.
Look at what you missed, Brian!

What you won't always find in the manuals is the bit about making the casualty comfortable with coke and jaffa cakes, but here in Swanage we like to be hospitable to the people we rescue.

NB. Other fizzy drinks are available, although I'm not sure if there is any other orange centred confectionery available with a chocolate coating one side complemented with a tasty sponge the other. Have to check next time I'm in Budgens.

NB. Other supermarkets are available in Swanage selling a range of  fizzy drinks and lip-smackingly good confectionery

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