Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The 2015 incident map

The markers showing the locations of last years incidents.

We ran out of yellow stickers so that's why there are red ones too.

You can see the main areas that we attend and a few in land too.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Cut off by the tide ? 999 Coastguard

Its the Easter holidays , if you are thinking of having a walk on the coast check the weather and tides.

If you find yourself cut off , call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Monday, 28 March 2016

A walk to the west

With it being thankfully quiet over the Easter weekend, one of the team headed for a big walk to the west.

Emmitts hill , last year a large multi agency incident occurred when a person got their leg stuck under a boulder.

Looking west towards Kimmeridge and Lulworth.

NCI St Albans Head over looking the race below.

A slightly unusual incident

Last night a team member was made aware that some needles had been placed in a dog waste bin near to the Mowlem.

Whilst a member of public had acted in good faith in removing them from a public place , this bin is not the correct storage container and the risk of injury when emptied was serious enough to act straight away.

The Town Council ( owners of the bin) were immediately informed and the team sealed the container until it can be safely emptied.

Normally the local environmental health team would arrange removal of needles in a public place.

Update - pleased to say that the Town Council have confirmed they were not needles but spikes to stop birds landing on buildings.
The bin is back in service.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Storm Katie about to hit the UK

Easter Monday looks like it's going to be very stormy with Storm Katie heading up the channel.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for Dorset and an amber warning for Hampshire to the east.

Check the warning and stay safe on the coast

What's the Point

The team volunteer their time over the weekend to 'patrol' the local area.

There are many reasons to head out, accident prevention , local knowledge , access checking , vehicle maintenance and not forgetting to avoid those DIY jobs at home.

Key areas are checked and yesterday with the weather that included Peveril Point

Then up to Anvil Point , both hazardous areas when the weather is bad.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Ballard Down

Living in Swanage we all take Ballard Down for granted when we look across the bay.

The area of Chalk down lands which at its highest point is 531ft ( not the cliff face)

There is no access off the beach at this point other than turning back, and with high tides you can easily find yourself cut off just north of Sheps Hollow.

Friday, 25 March 2016

After the sun comes the wind

After such a lovely day today, there is a weather warning in force for Saturday. A further warning is in place for Monday.

Gale warning - Issued: 1558 UTC on Friday 25 March 2016

Southerly gale force 8 expected later

Westerly or northwesterly 3 or 4 backing southerly 5 to 7, perhaps gale 8 later.

Sea state
Moderate becoming rough.

Fair then occasional rain.

Good, occasionally poor later.

Whats that ?

Going for a walk today along the beach?

You spot a rusty looking item and it looks out of place and like a grenade.

Do you....

A) Walk on and pretend you didn't see it?

B) Pick it up , take it home and 4 hours later have second thoughts

C) Call the Coastguard

Answer to the little quiz is - C , Call the Coastguard.

A and B has actually happened in the past

Don't ignore - call the Coastguard.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

500,000 page views

We recently passed the 500,000 page view on the blog. We may not be journalists but try to report the incidents and the life in the team.

So thank you for logging on....

Can we remind people that this is not an official site of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. It is run by the Station Officer of the Swanage Coastguard Team for the benefit of the community of Swanage and its visitors. The comments listed on these pages are personal and should not be regarded in anyway an official view of HM Coastguard or the MCA.

Recently some of our pictures have appeared in the media and on other sites without our permission. All images on this blog are copyright to the Station Officer, or members of the Swanage Coastguard team who have given permission for their pictures to be used.

If you would like to reproduce any pictures or content of the site in any way (electronic or print) , please email us to ask for permission first to avoid copyright infrinment.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The debate continues

Yet again the key discuss on Sunday was who really is the shortest in the team.

There is no reason for this debate other than several people dispute the truth.

# you don't have to be tall to be a coastguard

Monday, 21 March 2016

A few more pictures from training

" It was him , I didn't break it " - we think was what was said .

Even the Station Officer had a go.

Brian showing how to deal with the stretcher.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Rope Validation

It's a cold grey March Sunday morning......8.30am to be precise.

What else would two Volunteer Coastguard teams be doing on the top of St Albans head?

Yes the Swanage and St Albans teams were being put through their paces to show our SCOO we can carry out all aspects of our rope work.

Accompanied Descent ( that's two persons going over the cliff in non CG talk)

The Technician ( CG going over the cliff) being checked before descending

Not quite the kitchen sink , but a stretcher, first aid bag , casualty helmet, enough metal work to get you up and down the lines and 7 other Coastguards looking after you and the Technician is ready to rescue the casualty.

After 5 hours, Operators, Technicians and OIC's had all passed.

A great morning, thanks to all the team members , Allan our SCOO for giving up their weekend, the nice race organisers who kindly provided some of the team tea, 300 race competitors who were running past and NCI St Albans for the use of the facilities!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

They served us well

On Monday there will be a fly past of Sea King HC 4 Helicopters over parts of the South Coast. The aircraft , nicknamed ' junglies ' are due to retire after many years service to the armed services.

772 squadron based at Portland ( when the Royal Navy were based there) used the aircraft to provide Search and Rescue cover for many year until September 1995.

Callsign 172 , ( Rescue 172 if on a tasking ) lands at Peveril Point

So to the aircraft and the many aircrew who flew them , a huge thank you .

The route of the fly past , from the Bristol Post - sadly despite many years of service along the coast from Durlston to Kimmeridge the route misses us.

And there they flew !

Friday, 18 March 2016

Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership

The Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership (SCDP) has been established by a group of representatives from local organisations seeking to purchase and maintain strategically located Lifesaving equipment for the town and neighbouring villages.

Currently in Swanage we have three public accessed defibrillators that can be accessed 24 hours a day via 999 and the Ambulance Service.

By calling 999 you get the assistance on the way and the access code for the cabinets to release the defibrillator.

Currently the devices are outside at.

The Masonic Lodge Marshall Row Swanage ( different to the device shown )

Swanage Coastguard Station, North Beach Car Park De Moulham Road

Ulwell Cottage Caravan Site , Ulwell Road

There are other devices which include one at the Tourist Information Centre Shore Road, but these are only available when the premises are open.

With Swanage being at the end of the Purbeck peninsula and with an ageing demographic , rapid access to such equipment can and will save lives.

The initial aim of 'SCDP' is to raise funds to install 3 further devices for the town.

These locations are Station Road , Herston and one for local groups to use at events.

It's not only the defibrillator that's important in a life saving emergency it's also CPR, and the partnership will hopefully hold some workshops to encourage and make people aware of how to use defibrillators.

Today ( 18th March ) the Partnership has placed its first order of one device and two cabinets. This was after a very generous donation from a local business, and working with the Town Council and Swanage Railway the location of the device will be at the top of Station Road.

The second cabinet will replace the current one at the Coastguard Station to bring it up to the new standards of having to have a heated cabinet.

The cabinets are easily recognised like this one at Lyme Regis

The partnership has a lot more work to register the devices with the Ambulance service, create its own website, fund raise, install the cabinets and provide awareness education on CPR and the device.

Many Swanage groups , agencies, and people have been involved and SCDP wish to thank you all so far.

Donations can be made via Corben's 41 Station Road Swanage.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Zig zag slip

It appears there has been more of a slip at the Zig Zag near Durlston. 

We recommend that you keep clear of landslips and observe any warning signs.

In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Jurassic coast

A view of the cliffs in Durlston Bay today from one of the team

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The forgotten side of the patch

The Swanage patch is a little unusual as it has 3 sides with a shoreline.

Poole Harbour, Studland and Swanage and then finally the cliffs from Anvil Point to Dancing Ledge.

The above picture is at Goathorn Point on the shore of Poole Harbour, normally a quiet area for incidents but has potential due to the mud and large areas to search.

In the distance is Green Island and Furzey Island to the right.

Many areas on the shores of Poole Harbour are private property including the islands.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Kayaker brought to safety off Anvil Point

Photo taken by the Anvil Point lighthouse, Swanage ILB next to the red arrow!

The team were out on a patrol down on the shores of Poole Harbour when the National Maritime Operations Centre tasked them to a report of a kayaker struggling off Anvil Point.

As the team proceeded they requested the launch of the Swanage RNLI lifeboat to check right underneath the cliffs, something difficult from the top 90ft below.

On arrival the team searched and were soon joined by the inshore lifeboat crew. Suddenly the tired kayaker was spotted by the team and the lifeboat was directed to pick the male up.

With everyone meeting on the beach the male was confirmed ok, some words of advice given and all the volunteers returned to their stations.

See someone in trouble on the coast or out to sea , 999 Coastguard.

How do lifejackets keep you afloat ??

All about science !

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Coastguard winchman drops in

On a routine training mission the Coastguard helicopter crew from Lydd in Kent dropped in on the Sports relief yacht team #hellonHighSeas

Friday, 11 March 2016

Little Sea

Little sea at Studland

Our photos have disappeared

Readers will have noticed that our photos have disappeared in the last couple of days.

With some technical advice it appears the server that they sit on via blogger has ..... Disappeared !

We have corrected the fault to allow us to put pictures back on but sadly this means the older photos have gone. As volunteers it would take hours and hours of work to find the photos and replace them

If there any bloggers out there who read this and know of another fix please get in touch.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Swanage Area Dementia Friendly Community

We had some visitors to the station this morning to brief us on the dementia friendly community scheme.

A few facts.

1 in 3 people over suffer from dementia

Swanage has the second largest number of residents over the age of 50 in Dorset.

35% of those with Dementia go out once a week or less.

10% go out once a month or less.

60% are worried about getting lost.

There are free Dementia awareness sessions - becoming a dementia friend gives an understanding of dementia and the small things we can all do to make a difference.

Swanage Area Dementia Friendly Community offer free on hour to all businesses , shops, organisations, and residents. Sessions can be held at your business address.

For more information, leave your contact details at Swanage Library.
My life my care

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A little more practise.

Tonight was training and normally we would have headed out on to the cliffs, but with the adverse weather we stayed in doors.

The focus was on the cliff technician and their methods of recovery.

We then moved on to the treatment of a casualty.

We even made this casualty smile !

Monday, 7 March 2016

The official start of the summer

Yes a massive cry went up at the weekend when "The seagull cafe " reopened after the winter.

A public meeting place and a place for multi agency meetings ...

Here's looking forward to the annual carnival breakfast !

Other cafes and restaurants are available in town.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Arrive at Five

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful coastline and waters around Swanage and Studland.

The waters are open to all types of users from swimmers to power craft users but the mixture does bring its problems.

For that reason the District Council has a 5 knot safety zone in place from about Easter to September to protect swimmers and non powered craft close to the shore line.

The District Council,Town Council , Dorset Police , HM Coastguard, RNLI, professional boat owners and the maritime community all work very hard to ensure our area remains safe for all to use.

This year , Swanage Coastguard will be promoting the " arrive at five campaign " and want users to be responsible when close inshore and to observe the 5 knot speed limits.

The key partners are regularly meeting to discuss things like the replacement of the ageing buoys and signage at the launch site.

Dorset Police along with other enforcement officers will be carrying out speed checks and along with HM Coastguard be offering strong words of advice and failure to comply could lead to prosecution.

Spread the word, keep our shore lines safe.....ARRIVE at FIVE knots.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Walk carefully on the beach

Walkers on Swanage beach will have noticed its a little difficult to walk directly along the beach at the moment.

The groynes doing their work and keeping the sand from being swept away completely.

In places this leaves a large drop the other side.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Missing Person Update - John Wormald

The following is a statement from Dorset Police.

We regret to inform you that following an extensive search, the body of a male has been located in the Bindon Lane area of Wool.

Formal identification is yet to take place, but John's next of kin have been informed of the discovery.

We would like to thank our colleagues in HM Coastguard Swanage , St Albans, Kimmeridge and Lulworth, the RNLI and volunteers for Dorset Search and Rescue who assisted in the later part of the evening.


Search for John Wormald

Following an extensive search involving Dorset Police, National Police Air Service and HM Coastguard, a vehicle has been located in the Wareham area.
Dorset Police would like to thank the public for their support and request that the public do not go out searching while specialist teams are still working in the area. Support has also been requested from Kimmeridge and Lulworth Coastguard teams and also Dorset Search and Rescue

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Keep Clear of the base of cliffs

Whilst the slips aren't as big as those at West Bay this week, the slips at the North End of the bay still pose a danger.

We recommend if you are walking along the beach you keep away from the base of the cliff.

Never sit directly underneath a cliff as the risk of debris falling on you is high.

Coastal or Maritime Emergency , 999 Coastguard

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Deputy Station Officer

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency have announced that Nick Field is the new Deputy Station Officer for Swanage.

Nick joined the team in July 2010 and has already been involved in two major multi agency incidents this year, one of which he coordinated alongside the Coastal Operations Area Commander.

Nick brings a wealth of skills to the team from his full time occupation of a business advisor and has already forged links with partners by attending several safety advisory meetings.

As a Coastguard Rescue Officer , Nick along with his colleagues :

Help rescue people on the coast, eg on cliffs, stuck in mud or in the water.

Search for missing people.

Report and deal with pollution and other hazards.

Help emergency services and local authorities during emergencies, eg flooding
gather information for the coastguard operations centre.

Go to schools, clubs and other public places to tell people about staying safe at sea and along the coast.

Carryout duties for the Receiver of Wreck, eg dealing with wreckage or dead whales and dolphins on the shoreline.