Monday, 12 November 2018

We did remember them

After yesterday’s incident, some members of the team represented HM Coastguard in the Town’s Remembrance parade.

The team joined several hundred others including veterans , other services and military personal.

We shall remember all those civilian and military you have fallen in the conflicts around the World.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

We Will Remember

The scene at the Station this morning,  11th November.

The Coastguard flag flies in memory of all those who gave their lives in conflict.

The team has just returned from an incident on Swanage Downs which resulted in the safe recovery of a casualty at the cliff edge.

Now to clean the muddy boots in time for the parade this afternoon.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Flood barrier monitoring

The Coastguard team provided eight hours of monitoring and safety cover during both high tides yesterday.

Working along side the Environment Agency and Dorset Police the barrier was monitored with several members of the public asked to move away from the closed section for their safety.

Large waves pounded the parade and along shore road.

During the monitoring of the barrier the team were requested to assist Dorset Police with a concern for welfare. Both Swanage and St Albans Coastguard teams were tasked and searches were carried out on the jetties and pier. As the full teams arrived Police confirmed the incident had been resolved and the teams were stood down.

A final check of the barrier was carried before returning to station around midnight.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Stay safe

A Flood Warning has now been issued for tonight high tide around 9pm in Swanage Bay

The lower high street and part of the square has been closed and this will include some footpaths tonight.

Please respect those closures , they are done for a reason which includes safety.

The large dump bags that form the flood barrier are a trial rather than the previous 700 sandbags that were used. Partner agencies are looking at a long term solution.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Flood Barrier installed

After events on Wednesday morning and with another approaching storm due on Friday a decision was made to put a temporary flood barrier to protect properties in the lower high street.

Strong gale force winds are due and with a high tide there could be overtopping of waves.

Partner agencies including County , Town and District Councils, Environment Agency , HM Coastguard , DWFRS and Dorset Police have worked together to get the barrier installed.

During high water on Friday , Coastguard Officers will be on duty to monitor the barrier and ensure public safety.

Please take care and keep clear from any flooded areas.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Early Morning Flooding

The team was tasked early on Wednesday after high tides, strong winds and rain combined to overtop the Stone Quay and flood the lower High Street.
The team provided safety cover for Town Council operatives and passers by and implemented a temporary road closure until police arrived and liaised with the appropriate authorities -  owing to the amount of rocks and debris being thrown into the road.  With 'eyes on', we were also able to provide a commentary to our colleagues at the Environment Agency.
Further high tides and weather warnings give the potential for further flooding on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Call to Old Harry

The team have been called this afternoon to assist SWASFT with a mountain biker who had fallen from their bike.

The local male was heading down to Old Harry from Ballard when he fell from his bike. Some passerby’s assisted until the services arrived.

The Coastguard team assisted in transporting the injured male and paramedic to the ambulance.

During the incident the team briefly assisted a second casualty again assisting with the ambulance service.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Broken Leg at Dancing Ledge

The team were tasked to Dancing Ledge on Wednesday to a report of a person with a broken leg.

Both Swanage and St Albans teams were tasked along with a Ambulance first responder.

The male who had been coasteering at the Ledge had managed to get out of the water and to safety. The teams assisted in transporting the male back to a vehicle for onward transport to hospital.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Overdue Climbers

The team was back in action this morning at the request of Dorset Police who had concerns for the welfare of two climbers not seen or heard from since Monday.

The climbers' car was located at Durlston Country Park and so a search area was drawn up between the Eastern and Western mile markers.  Some personal equipment was soon located in the Boulder Ruckle area and so whilst some team members made for that spot, others took positions further along the cliffs where they were able to get 'eyes on' the climbs in that area.

Before long the climbers were sighted slowly making their up the Marmolata Buttress climb and were met by Coastguards at the top.
The team could see the climbers making their way back up Marmolata Buttress, the large outcrop in the centre of the picture. The photo was taken from the very spot we'd trained at on Sunday in an exercise to recover stuck or injured climbers!

Although cold, the pair were fine despite having spent the night in the elements and they were soon on their way back to their car.

It seems that the climbing routes were busy yesterday so they had abseiled in using someone else's rope which was already in place.  By the time the pair were ready to go home, the other abseil rope had been removed from above and the climbers found themselves tired, cold and stuck at the bottom of the cliff.  Rather than try to risk climbing out last night the experienced pair set off this morning using gear to set up a safety line as they progressed in the absence of a rope from above.
Once the team was happy that the climbers were safe and well, we stood down and returned to station.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Show and Tell

Our October exercise took place on Sunday morning and involved a joint session with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue's Technical Rescue Team from Poole.  We were also joined by our colleagues from Southbourne Coastguard (our nearest rope rescue neighbours to the East) and together the teams carried out rope rescue recovery of a dummy 'casualty' from the cliffs at Anvil Point.
Fire & Rescue have similar systems to ours, but not totally the same, and the idea behind the exercise was to become familiar with each other's methods, systems and equipment for times of joint emergency working.
A really useful morning with some bright autumn sun, and plenty of wind to blow the cobwebs away!