Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Fire Risk

Today’s patrol got tasked to Studland to support colleagues at the National Trust and Dorset & Wilts Fire and Rescue.

Numerous calls were being made to both the Fire service and Police about people having BBQ’s on the beach and with the high risk of Fire the team were tasked to offer advice.

Several people were spoken to about the risk and dangers.

Please leave these BBQ’s at home the risk to our environment and front line emergency services is unthinkable.

Whilst this isn’t the tradition work of the Coastguard many people praised the team today for their work and approach whilst supporting the other services.

Monday, 25 May 2020

And that was the weekend

As the bank holiday draws to a close , we reflect on the last three days of activity.

3 days of Accident Preventions Patrols in the Swanage and Studland areas along with many other teams in the country.

Several inflatables blown out to sea, one suspicious object , one tree removed from the highway, several road signs replaced having been blown over, lots of safety advice, working with partners like the National Trust, Dorset Police , Dorset and Wilts Fire, one group of people lead to safety from caves , one walker airlifted out of Dancing Ledge, Traffic Marshall’s on a grid locked road, access routes checked and of course a few teas drunk.

Whilst 99.9% of the population were grateful , a reminder it’s not the Coastguard that control the lockdown, we are here for your safety not enforcing social distancing.

It’s half term now and we expect the area to remain busy , please do not put yourselves and us at risk.

Concerned for someone on the coast - 999 Coastguard

DO NOT HAVE BBQ’s or Open fires anywhere on the beach or heathland due to the high fire risk.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Walker airlifted from Dancing Ledge

Swanage Coastguard along with St Albans Coastguard were tasked to support South Western Ambulance at Dancing Ledge near Swanage this afternoon.

A local lady had dislocated her shoulder before falling at the ledge and required treatment due to the pain and condition.

The location is some distance from a road so whilst Paramedics treated her the Coastguard looked at all the options from an airlift , cliff rescue or via lifeboat.   HM Coastguard requested the Rescue Helicopter via the aeronautical Rescue  Coordination Centre who tasked the Lee On Solent aircraft - R175.

Coastguard officers cleared the ledges and prepared the area for the aircraft to land.   The whole incident being managed with the difficulties that COVID and social distancing now brings.

The casualty was airlifted to Poole hospital.

Rescue 175 approaches Dancing Ledge viewed from the Officer in Charge Location 

Rescue 175 landed at Dancing Ledge whilst the casualty is prepared to be taken to the aircraft 

 Swanage Bravo - calls the aircraft in to land 

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Concern for group at Tilly Whim Caves

HM Coastguard tasked the team to Tilly Whim Caves after reports of a group camping.

The caves are closed due their dangerous condition but also no one is meant to staying overnight in line with  Government guidelines.

The area is closed and access blocked by a high wall, this didn’t stop seven adults and three children scale the wall and get into the caves.  The team located the group who realised they should not have been in this location.  The team stood by to ensure everyone left safely. 

 The group were located below this cliff  , the cliff is in a poor state.  The mixed group were asked to leave and reminded that no overnight camping is currently allowed. 

They commented they thought they were out of the way but we’re leaving to return to London. 

Please can we remind/ask that reports of people in a dangerous position or in an emergency should be made by 999.  Facebook has its uses but not in an emergency. 

Protect our communities

We aren’t being unpleasant but we are all in this together and it’s not over yet.

The area is under pressure due to a major fire and no disposable BBQ’s or open fires should be had anywhere in the open.

Don’t put the emergency services at risk

Stay at home as much as you can.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Two Rescued in Swanage Bay

Two teenagers have just been rescued by lifeboat and brought safely ashore after being swept out to sea.

Multiple 999 calls were made to HM Coastguard reporting two children on paddle boards  being swept out to sea from the beach.

Swanage RNLI inshore lifeboat and the Swanage Coastguard team were immediately deployed to search.  The lifeboat arrived and brought the wet, cold and shaken pair to their father on the beach.
Treatment was given to warm them up before they were allowed to be released and leave for home.

 The family had come from Poole as conditions were too rough there so they thought it was safer here in Swanage.  Currently there is a very strong off shore wind in the area and our advice is to stay safely ashore especially in these difficult times.

Conditions close inshore look calm but with a strong offshore wind this increases the risk of being blown out to sea.

Please continue to follow Government guidelines about exercise and the use of the area, stay at home as much as possible.

In an emergency 999 - Coastguard

Monday, 18 May 2020

Don’t block gates

We know the car parks are closed but that doesn’t mean you can park anywhere.

Not only technically on double yellow lines - it’s blocking an emergency access route.

Please don’t block gates - it might be you that the emergency services are being called to and this would stop them.

It clearly says on the gate to keep clear. The area has a high fire risk and all accesses must be kept clear.

This vehicle was reported as it obstructed the emergency services.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

A step forward

Yesterday saw many Coastguard teams in Dorset and Hampshire deploy for the first time in several months on patrol.

The purpose of the patrols were to work out new working practises, checking access routes and accident prevention.

The patrol at Peveril Point checking access and getting an idea how the area has changed. 

Whilst we have had cliff falls in the wet weather now the area is drying out this is creating new falls and the cliff is under cut. 

With many carparks closed areas and routes to key areas checked. 

Accident prevention advice was given to a few which included speed on approaching the shore line , not to use BBQ’s due to the high risk of fire and two that walked out on a narrow track and then slipped at Old Harry. Both were asked to come back away from the edge. 

Please take care , car parks remain closed  this weekend in the area and we ask people observe the social distancing rules and advice.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Statement from HM Coastguard

With significant numbers of people expected to take to the water this weekend in England, HM Coastguard is asking everyone to take extra care in extraordinary times. 
Boating, swimming and other sea-based activities are now allowed once again in England under the new Government guidelines, but, now more than ever people need to respect the coastline. 
In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales the lockdown remains and people should continue to follow the guidance to stay home.  
Swimming in the sea is now allowed as daily exercise in England along with paddle boarding, surfing, windsurfing, rowing, kayaking and canoeing. Sailing and owners of private boats may also go out onto the water. 
But while people are allowed to go out on and in the water, they need to make sure they are safe and protected. Those with private boats and yachts should carry out all the usual safety checks and make sure they have a way to contact HM Coastguard if they get into difficulty, as should everyone visiting the coast and beaches. 
In addition, the Government guidelines around social distancing should continue to be observed by everyone in the UK. 
Claire Hughes, director of HM Coastguard said: ‘In England, now more than ever, people need to respect the sea and the coast. Whether you’re local or not, whatever your ability or experience in your chosen sport or leisure activity, the sea can still catch you out and be unmerciful when it does.’ 
‘The majority of beaches will not be lifeguarded. If you get into trouble call 999and ask for the Coastguard and we will come to your aid. But coronavirus hasn’t gone away and we all need to follow the rules. Remember your choices might put people, including yourself and frontline responders, at risk. Take extra care in these extraordinary times.  
In England #StayAlert In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, nothing has changed. Give the coast a miss. #StayHomeSaveLives  

Friday, 15 May 2020

Be very careful

Whilst the rules have changed , the area remains closed for the time being.

Car parks and toilets remain closed.   Just because you can , doesn’t mean you have too.

Don’t put the coastal emergency services at risk because of your actions.

We ask you still give it a few more weeks before going those extra steps from your  exercise routines.

Use this time to check your equipment , prepare and ensure your safety equipment is up to date.

Prepare , practice , stay local and don’t put pressure on the NHS.