Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Four incidents in a day

 In the summer we would expect a busy day but not normally four incidents during the day in November. 

The first call today was a report of a washed up life raft near to Old Harry.  The team deployed and located an oil drum washed up but were unable to get to it due to it location and the tide.  The local authority have been informed but it will be difficult to recover in its current location. 

Retuning from that incident the team investigated a fire on the beach at Middle Beach.  Thankfully it was controlled burning. 

Later in the afternoon the team were paged again to support South Western Ambulance near to the chain ferry.  A male required to be stretchered to the ambulance having fallen and suffered possible spinal injuries. 

Whilst dealing with the medical incident the team were made aware of a possible ordnance incident at Knoll beach. The team joined police and waited for the EOD team to arrive. 

The object was heavily corroded and the EOD have taken it for disposal. 

Sunday, 8 November 2020

We shall remember them


In these difficult times we must not forget those both military and civilians who lost their lives in previous conflicts. 

We may not be able to carry the normal service but they remain in our thoughts. 

We will remember them. 

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Incident at Studland

The Coastguard team were tasked to a report of two swimmers in difficulty at Studland yesterday morning (Friday).  On arrival the team recovered a male from the water and found the other person had managed to make it ashore. 

Joined by the crew of the RNLI lifeboat from Poole, Rescue 175 from Lee on Solent , a Critical care team, Dorset and Somerset air ambulance , South Western Ambulance and Dorset Police both casualties were given urgent medical treatment on the beach. 

Sadly despite the efforts of all those attending one male sadly passed away.  The second male was transferred by ambulance to hospital. 

Our thoughts are with the family and friends. 

Monday, 2 November 2020

Search in Poole


The team were tasked at 3am this morning to support colleagues from Poole and Southbourne in a search for a missing female. 

In poor weather conditions the team arrived at Hamworthy to be briefed on the search plan but thankfully the Police confirmed they had located the female safe in the town centre. 

Returning back to Swanage the team stopped to remove a large branch that was blocking the road at Sandford and a wheelie bin which had blown into the road in Corfe. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Assistance to a walker


The team were tasked this afternoon to a report of a walker with a broken leg at Peveril Point. 

On arrival colleagues from NCI were assisting a lady who had slipped on the muddy surface. 

Due to the pain the lady was in, assistance was sought from the Swanage RNLI lifeboat as they carry pain relieving  gas which would help us move the casualty off the wet ground whilst waiting for the Ambulance. 

Working together and with the arrival of the ambulance the lady was stretchered to the ambulance and on to hospital.  

Monday, 26 October 2020

Search for possible missing swimmer

 Coastguard and lifeboat crews have been searching Studland bay for a possible missing swimmer tonight. 

A member of the public was concern for a swimmer seen heading out from Middle Beach Studland and didn’t see them return to the beach.

Swanage Coastguard carried out shore line searches from South Beach Studland to the Chain ferry whilst lifeboats from Swanage and Poole carried out sea searches off shore. 

Searching for two hours the beach was checked for clothing or any person. 

If you were swimming off Middle or South Beach Studland around 5pm tonight (Monday) please urgently contact the Coastguard on 999. 

Dorset Police also attended the incident and confirmed no one was currently missing in the area.

Search assets have been stood down pending any further information.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Multi Agency Incident

 The team were tasked this morning just after 9am to a report of a body at Old Harry. 

The Swanage RNLI inshore lifeboat , St Albans Coastguard , Rescue 175 from Lee on Solent and Dorset Police were also tasked to the incident. 

On arrival a body was located and recovered.  Dorset Police are investigating the circumstances for HM Coroner. 

Our thoughts are for the family and Friends. 

Sunday, 11 October 2020

A medical weekend

 Starting on Friday the team were called to Studland along with South Western Ambulance after a female fell from a horse on the beach.  First aid was given until the arrival of colleagues from the Ambulance. 

Moving to Saturday both the Swanage and St Albans Coastguard teams were tasked to Old Harry and a report of a person injured falling from their bike. A female was located with a broken wrist and arm and first aid provided until paramedics arrived.  The teams then provided safe transport back to the ambulance and back to the main road. 

Sunday’s patrol were out at Rempstone Forest when they took a call from an off duty team member reporting a lady injured at the Coop in Swanage. 

Whilst not in the usual area of operation , the operations room gave permission for the team to attend and provide urgent first aid until the ambulance arrived. 

Returning to station and cleaning the equipment , the patrol were drawn to an incident in the car park where a lady test driving their grandsons scooter fell heavily to the ground.  Again first aid was provided and advice  was given before finally the equipment was packed away. 

Saturday, 3 October 2020

The bins are safe

So after the storm yesterday things have calmed down and the big clean up has begun. 

On a lighter note, a photo put on by the press pa  reporting the incident seemed to focus on the fact the Coastguard were rescuing a couple of wheelie bins ! This report was fuelled by some of our colleagues in our partner agencies and a couple of mischievous locals. 

We shall protect the author of this report but just say our time will come ! 

This post seemed to go national and I know there was great concern for those bins so when the team returned to monitor the later high tide, the bins really were recovered and both are doing well. 

So back to the serious stuff 

At the time when the bin photo was taken the team had seen a boat in the surf but were unable to recover it. This morning it’s been confirmed as a sail and had come from the sailing club and now safely recovered. 

Patrols deployed last night and again this morning to check the area. Various debris has been moved for the local authority to collect. 

This stone and other bits of debris perhaps shows why when we arrived on scene yesterday we stated there was a risk to life along the coast.  The power of the sea should never be underestimated to throw up sizeable stones on to the road. 

One person was treated yesterday for a cut to their leg after been caught on the shore line. 

Finally as ever, a massive thank you to the  local traders who brought out or offered warm drinks to us yesterday during the incident. 

Friday, 2 October 2020

Flood Barrier installed

The team were requested to support the Council whilst they deployed larger sandbags to protect the lower high street. 

With very high seas the risk to life was high so our colleagues from St Albans Coastguard were drafted in to provide further safety cover along the sea front. 

Working with Police various roads were closed for safety and to allow contractors to work safely. 

The team will redeploy for tonight's high tide.