Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Is your craft fit for the water ?

Yesterday the Swanage RNLI lifeboat went to the aid of a broken down speed boat off Swanage.  The  boat drifted fast in the ebb tide and the lifeboat finally located them past Dancing Ledge.

On their return to Swanage the lifeboat crew requested to be met by the Coastguard team to offer some safety advice.

The boat had little safety equipment and only a mobile phone to raise the alarm.  Thankfully their 999 call was received by the Coastguard but once below Anvil Point communication was lost.

The lack of life jackets , anchor , rope and clothing were all points raised.

Be prepared and ensure before you take your boat, you have the correct safety equipment.

Monday, 6 July 2020

What we did during June

Just quickly looking back to last month and some of the data;

33 incidents which included some multi agency accident prevention especially with reducing the fire risk at Studland.

A total of 307 hours in incidents across the month.

Over 400 miles in patrols

A lot of BBQ’s asked to be extinguished.

In a coastal emergency dial 999 Coastguard.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

All in the afternoon

In just two hours this afternoon the team dealt with five  incidents.

The first was a report of a dog fallen from the cliffs out towards Old Harry Rocks, despite the fall the dog had survived and managed to get to South Beach , met by the patrol and the owners.
The owner were very relieved and the dog didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries.

The team were then tasked to reports of two inflatables being blown off shore at Studland. With two adults and three children in the dinghies the team , three lifeboats and the rescue helicopter were tasked.  A local boat also went to their assistance and managed to get them ashore.  The lifeboats stood by whilst the team ensured all were ok.

As that incident closed the team were tasked to the swanage boat park and a report of a injured male with possible spinal injuries.  On arrival the lifeboat crew and ambulance crew were treating an injury   received on a towed inflatable.

During this incident the returning lifeboat was concerned for a windsurfer in Studland, so the Station Officer searched the area.  Passing members of the public confirmed the windsurfer had got on to a boat and was safe.

Finally a yacht entering Poole lost its mast and started to drift. Poole Lifeboat was tasked and the yacht was monitored by the team until the lifeboat arrived.

If you see someone in trouble 999 Coastguard 

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Take care out there

It’s another mile stone today , people will be visiting areas that perhaps haven’t been open for a while.

Please remember the basics -

Social distancing still applies.
Large groups are not recommended.
Dispute the weather NO BBQ’s on the beaches - this will continue for the summer.
Check the weather and tides.
Have the correct clothing for the activity you are doing.
Does your activity carry risks if it goes wrong?

If you see someone in trouble 999 Coastguard

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

The team were tasked to Old Harry to assist three paddle boarders being swept out to sea east of Harry Old Rocks.

Thankfully someone spotted them and dialled 999 which saw the Swanage Lifeboat launched and the Coastguard team set to monitor and then meet them when they were brought ashore.

A passing yacht which responded to a broadcast message from the Coastguard managed to assist until the lifeboat arrived.

As the lifeboat made for Knoll Beach a further paddle boarder was spotted struggling in the conditions and was collected and brought ashore to be met by the Coastguard team.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Don’t travel here for a BBQ

Despite signage, people are still travelling to the area to have a BBQ on the beaches. 

Having been called to Studland to assist the Ambulance service gain access to the beach, the team were made aware of a large party at Shell Bay having travelled for 3 hours to get here. 

Dorset and Wilts Fire and Rescue also attended to put the BBQ out and ensure the coals didn’t set the heath alight.  

The rain we have had has NOT been enough to dampen the heath. 

We will be working with Fire,  Police and National Trust to patrol the area and put BBQ’s out. 

Please help us Do not travel to have a BBQ at any Dorset Beaches many which are SSSI sites and protected 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Incident at harbour entrance

The patrol were tasked to the harbour entrance after a call reporting a capsized boat.

Both Poole RNLI lifeboats were tasked along with Swanage and Poole Coastguard and Rescue 175.

The lifeboats located a motorboat sunk with just the bow sticking out of the water.  Fuel was also leaking from fuel tanks.

As a search started for any people the harbour master confirmed the vessel had sunk earlier and no one was missing.

Rescue units were returned whilst the pollution is being monitored.

Friday, 26 June 2020

The big clean up

Spare a thought for all those left to clean up the beaches after the last two days. 

A patrol headed out to support and see what was left from yesterday. A lot less people but sadly a lot of rubbish left. They also went to check the access gates that have been blocked for the last few days. 

This photo from Thursday evening on the front at Swanage - clearly people didn’t want to take their rubbish home. 

The team located these in the dunes - if the owners would like to collect them . 

We sadly didn’t find the keys for the car lost on the beach. 

Finally along with our colleagues from Dorset Police we share this story - we also came across this vehicle close to the chain ferry last night.   The car park was closed so the driver decided to drive or perhaps try to drive in the car park via the exit which is guarded by spikes - result a large bill and recovery for two punctures.   

Please help us - remember social distancing and help us protect our environment. 

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Today’s view

 Today’s patrol headed to Studland but we’re seriously hampered by poor parking on the ferry road.

They were tasked to assist fire with a BBQ left burning in the dunes.

 One BBQ located and put out - people are ignoring signage - NO BBQ’s

Over 1000 cars have been reported in the area with Police ticketing vehicles blocking emergency access route. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

NO BBQ’s or cooking

The team returning from a couple of incidents worked with Dorset and Wilts fire asking people to put their BBQ’s out on Studland beach.

Currently due to high fire risk there should not be no cooking , BBQ’s or fires at Studland.