Sunday, 9 August 2020

Busiest Day

 Along with the whole of HM Coastguard , it was a very busy day with the team out for twelve hours. 

HM Coastguard dealt with 340 incidents around the UK which made it the busiest day on record. 

The day started for us  with concern for a double sit on Kayak off Old Harry. The patrol monitored that until it was safely back away from the tide race. 

It was then off to Tilly Whim Caves for a report of people inside the closed area. Searching the caves nothing was found. 

The patrol were then tasked to the beach by the Mowlem for a unconscious female and provided first aid until the ambulance arrived. This was further complicated when a further report of an unconscious person came in by the wellington clock tower.  The team split up and provided first aid until another ambulance arrived. 

The patrol were then tasked to Chapmans Pool for a female stung by something in the water. 

After a short break it was off to Studland for first aid to a badly cut hand and three incidents involving fires. 

Despite the warning signs people still choose to ignore the ban on BBQs and fires. 

Two large motor vessels had grounded at South Beach so advice was given especially as they were so close to rocks.

Finally after 12 hours the final call was a report of a jet ski floating near the Mowlem.  A check found it secure on a long line. 

Despite the signage and ban, people are still ignoring 
the risks of fire on the beaches.  

Just trying to get to the beach for us was a problem with a car blocking the emergency access. 
“Please keep access clear for Emergency vehicles” clearly isn’t applicable to some. 

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Please respect our beaches

 It’s going to be another warm day. 

If you are heading to the beach please respect the local communities. 

Read and obey the signage. 

Respect others and follow socially distance rules.

Have a good and safe day. 

Take your rubbish home. 

Sunday, 2 August 2020

3 kayakers rescued

Yesterday the team took part in a joint operation with many partner agencies to help reduce the number of incidents involving anti social behaviour on the water. 

During the afternoon the patrol spotted three people on kayaks that seemed to be struggling about 400 metres offshore at Studland. 

Having monitored the group for a while it was clear they were drifting out to sea and a lifeboat was requested. The group were monitored during this time until the lifeboat arrived and found them nearly 2 miles off shore. 

The group were brought ashore and it was established that they had lost their mobile phone in the water so had no means to ask for help. 

With everyone safely ashore and medically checked the lifeboat and Coastguard were released. 

Please stay safe, ensure you have the right clothing on and that your mobile phone is in a waterproof case and attached somehow. 

999 Coastguard 

Friday, 31 July 2020

Female slips from cliff

A large multi agency response to a 65 year  old  female who had slipped off the cliff edge at Old Harry falling 60 feet. 

Coastguard teams from Swanage backed up by the St Albans Coastguard team, Both Swanage RNLI lifeboats , South Western Ambulance , Dorset Police , Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue , Rescue helicopter  175 , Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance , HEMS car all attended to assist in the rescue. 

The female had suffered some serious injuries and was air lifted from the base of the cliff to be treated by medics on the cliff top before being flown for specialist treatment at Southampton hospital. 

A large area was temporarily cleared and closed to allow the emergency services to work including landing two helicopters. 

It is understood the female was close to the edge when she slipped whilst out walking. 

Members of the public called 999 reporting the incident after witnessing the fall. 


Thursday, 30 July 2020

Drifting motor boat

The team were tasked yesterday (Wednesday) to the northern end of Studland beach. 

A speed boat had suffered engine failure and drifted ashore. 

The RNLI lifeboat from Poole arrived and took the vessel in tow. 

Shortly after dealing with the boat the team were made aware of a male having a medical episode close by and provided first aid until the arrival of an ambulance and police. 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

It was like a Carnvial Day but just without the Carnvial !

It should have been Carnival Day today and that is sometimes a busy day for us.  Sadly Carnival was cancelled due to COVID but we still managed to have  a really busy day.

Just after 1.30pm the team were tasked to support colleagues at Chapmans Pool with a stretcher lift of a female with a broken ankle.
The teams worked on the steps near to Chapmans Pool to bring the casualty to safety before a trip to hospital.

The patrol were then tasked to the Poole Harbour entrance and a report a paddle bowser in trouble. As the team got to Studland the person had got ashore safely so the team stood down.

Whilst at Middle Beach the team spotted a catamaran capsized off Old Harry, with the lifeboat on route the team started to head to Old Harry for a better view however on route were diverted back to Middle Beach after a 999 call reported a female and child being blown out to sea in a Kayak.

A passing boat and local RIB went to the kayakers assistance and brought them ashore as the lifeboats arrived.  It was then back to the catamaran and whilst the lifeboats escorted it back to shore the lifeguards at Swanage reported another paddle boarder struggling in the conditions.  Both lifeboats made at best speed with the patrol heading to meet them on the beach.

2018 Carnvial Day 


Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Assisting ambulance

The team were tasked to Studland last night to assist South Western Ambulance.

A female walker has fallen on the track some distance from fire point six breaking her arm and receiving head and spinal injuries.

The team assisted the ambulance crew before carrying the casualty to the ambulance and further treatment at Poole hospital.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

One incident lead to another

Today’s patrol have just spent five hours going from one incident to another.

The 1st incident was a report of a sailing dingy capsized at Peveril.  The Inshore lifeboat launched and started to deal whilst being monitored by the patrol.  As they were dealing with that the lifeboat was tasked to a Dory boat off Ballard Point ,broken down with five people on board.
The all weather lifeboat launched and took the boat in tow back to the boat park and the waiting patrol.

Another call came in reporting an adult and two children drifting towards the chain ferry in an inflatable kayak.   The patrol were tasked along with the lifeboat to the harbour entrance.  Thankfully all on the kayak made it ashore but the patrol went to check no medical assistance was required.

The patrol then found a BBQ hidden in a dry wooded area and due to the high fire risk requested colleagues from the Fire service.  Despite plenty of signage banning BBQ’s people are ignoring the risks.

 Sadly despite signage saying no BBQ’s people are still having them and putting the area at risk.
And this is the result - including the food that was left on it 

It wasn’t over yet - whilst Fire dealt with the BBQ , first aid was given to a cyclist with dehydration.

Another inflatable kayak was spotted drifting into the main channel at the harbour entrance with its owner determined to swim after it until the patrol stopped and asked the owner to return to shore and not risk his life. 

Finally the seventh incident - yes another BBQ but this time a gas one which the owner thought didn’t apply to the BBQ ban ...... NOPE , that one also extinguished. 

Please no BBQs on any of our beaches at present due to the fire risks and do not use inflatables in strong off shore winds. 

999 Coastguard 

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Overdue diver

The Coastguard team were tasked yesterday  to a report of a overdue diver off Swanage Pier.

The Swanage RNLI lifeboat were requested but as the team arrived the male diver was safely located. 

The diver had been out for some time and was due back when reported over due.  The Coastguard requested a shore line search before he was located. 

The team  were stood down having offered some safety advice. 

In an Emergency dial 999 

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Is your craft fit for the water ?

Yesterday the Swanage RNLI lifeboat went to the aid of a broken down speed boat off Swanage.  The  boat drifted fast in the ebb tide and the lifeboat finally located them past Dancing Ledge.

On their return to Swanage the lifeboat crew requested to be met by the Coastguard team to offer some safety advice.

The boat had little safety equipment and only a mobile phone to raise the alarm.  Thankfully their 999 call was received by the Coastguard but once below Anvil Point communication was lost.

The lack of life jackets , anchor , rope and clothing were all points raised.

Be prepared and ensure before you take your boat, you have the correct safety equipment.