Friday, 21 September 2018

Good luck Bouncer

Today we say good bye to PCSO Iain Leslie aka Bouncer.

Iain has served the area for over 10 years and involved in many joint incidents.

So we take a moment and raise our glass with a massive thank you.

The good news is that’s he’s off to become a Police Officer so maybe he might be back one day.

Last night the team were on exercise and treated Iain to a bit of rope training.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Another week in the Coastguard world

The patrol headed out early yesterday to support the marathons being run along the Purbeck Coast.

Having seen about 500 competitors through Anvil Point they headed to Studland where they were flagged down to a person having chest pains.
With an Ambulance on the way they provided first aid until it arrived.

Earlier in the week the team were called to Dancing Ledge after some clothing was located on one of the ledges. Joined by colleagues from St Albans the area was searched but nothing further was located or anyone reported missing.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Two searches and a dislocated shoulder

A busy 48 hours for the team starting with a search on Wednesday evening at Studland for a concern of a female reported walking into the sea.

Joined by colleagues from the RNLI in Swanage, the team searched the beach whilst the two Lifeboats searched the training bank.

After searching for over an hour no one was located after reports the female was seen getting the chain ferry back to Sandbanks.

On Thursday afternoon the team were tasked to assist the Ambulance service under the Pines hotel with a 17 year old student who had dislocated their shoulder. Due to the location the team requested assistance from the Swanage RNLI inshore lifeboat to transport the casualty to a better location to meet the ambulance.

The team were again tasked around 8pm to a report of a female walking into the sea at Studland. The Coastguard were joined in the search by both Poole Lifeboats , Dorset Police and the Coastguard helicopter. The description of the lady matched the lady from the previous night but no one had seen her come back out or get back on the ferry. Search assets searched from the chain ferry to South beach for nearly 3 hours before the lady was located safe and well returning on the chain ferry by one of the Coastguard teams.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Call 999 rather than post on social media

Whilst we live in a modern era with social media , please remember that the only official way to get the Coastguard is to dial 999.

This morning ‘a Post ‘ about a boat washed up was seen by an off duty team member who contacted the Coastguard Operations Centre.

The team were sent to make enquiries in case anyone was missing. Thankfully it was soon established the boat had come off mooring.

Don’t delay - always call 999, someone’s life could be at risk

Friday, 31 August 2018

Canoeist in difficulties at Studland

A female canoeist practising rescue techniques off Middle Beach saw the team along with both Poole Lifeboats tasked to assist.

On arrival the lady was found ashore safe but needed some medical treatment.
The teams were joined by ambulance crews who treated and took her to Poole hospital.

Shortly after a child was treated for a cut foot at Knoll Beach and then the team searched for the parents of a found child along the beach.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Our new vehicle

So we are a bit late but here is our new vehicle.

A change from the traditional blue and yellow - we went to silver and now the vehicles are white.

The team are getting use to its new functions and where the equipment is stowed

So it was out and about to learn it’s controls and ensure we can access our routes to locations.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Goodbye Nessie

So it all change again at the station with our vehicle “ Nessie” departing from Swanage and was redeployed to Poole.

Having come down from Scotland the vehicle was a temporary one until our new one was completed. come back tomorrow and see what we have.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Thanks !

You may recall we had a busy Sunday evening recently, including an incident at Studland Middle Beach where an elderly lady had fallen and sustained a nasty gash to the back of her head.

At the time we treated the injury, bandaged it, monitored it and kept the lady warm and in good spirits whilst we liaised with the ambulance service about taking her to hospital (at the same time we were also dealing with a young lad also in some distress with a broken arm further down the beach).
With no ambulance available, the lady was finally assisted from the beach and taken to hospital in our vehicle.

We received a lovely letter from the lady today, thanking us for our kindness and care and wishing us well.

It's great to hear from folks we've helped!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Training Continues

Even though we are going through a busy spell at the moment, that's no reason not to train.

A few nights ago the team were in the Boulder Ruckle area looking at options  for potential rope rescues in that location

Friday, 17 August 2018

Missing Person at Studland

The team were tasked to Studland just before 5pm to support Dorset Police in searching for a missing 17 year old.

On route to Studland the team were stood down when the person was located safe and well.