Thursday, 22 August 2019

Check the wind

The team were called out on Monday to a report of a female and child being blown out to sea on an inflatable at Studland.  The team arrived along with the Poole RNLI Lifeboat.

The female and child had managed to get ashore , cold but otherwise not injured but was check by a passing off duty doctor.

The situation had developed when the off shore wind pushed the pair out.

On Wednesday the team were tasked to Durlston to assist the Ambulance service with a collapsed male near to the globe.

In an coastal emergency call 999.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Plan your trip

Sunday saw a busy afternoon for the team , the first call was during the teams regular weekend patrol when they were tasked to the coast path to Old Harry Rocks.

A 999 call to both South Western Ambulance and Coastguard reporting a person taken ill had the patrol followed up by the rest of the team soon arrive. Assisting the paramedics the male was taken back to the ambulance for treatment and later to hospital.

Having just returned to Swanage , the patrol were made aware of the Poole RNLI Lifeboat tasking  to a kayaker in the water off Shell Bay Marine.  The team made for the area and liaised with the lifeboat crew who had located both the male and his missing kayak which he had become separated from.

The male was checked over and advised to get checked at hospital due to being in the water for sometime.  Some safety advice was also given about equipment to carry - keeping your phone in a water proof bag for example.  Thankfully the male had been wearing a life jacket which was vital in keeping him afloat until a passing boat spotted him and the arrival of the lifeboat.

Just before 7pm the team were called to Knoll beach and a yacht aground.  Due to the location and wind , Poole Lifeboat was requested whilst the team provided support.
 The team stood by and deployed two water technicians to assist the solo sailor on his yacht.
The yacht had struggled in strong winds before grounding , thankfully no one  was injured.

With the tide rising and some pushing and a tow from the lifeboat the vessel was freed and escorted by the lifeboat to a safe mooring. 

In a maritime emergency call 999 or VHF Channel 16 

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Medical assistance

Two incidents on Saturday to assist our colleagues at South Western Ambulance. 

The first was as the patrol arrived at Knoll Beach Studland where the team assisted an eight year old with a broken arm.   Working with the National Trust the young man was taken to Poole Hospital.

Later on just before 7pm the team were tasked to Shell Bay and an 11 year old who had dislocated his knee.  Despite being very brave the young man required pain relief which was provided by the ambulance crew before the knee was put back in place.  The team then stretchered him to the ambulance and a trip to Dorchester hosiptal and an X-ray. 

Friday, 16 August 2019


With another unseasonal wet night with strong winds, a reminder of the good weather a few weeks ago.

If you are heading out over the weekend, don’t forget to check the weather forecast and tides.

Saturday, 10 August 2019


The predicted weather has arrived and its not the normal weather we expect in August.

Whilst there are plenty of warnings and cancellation of events, they are done to protect people and not to spoil peoples fun or activities.

Please consider if your activity is appropriate in these unseasonable conditions.

The forecast is currently 10th August 09.49

Southwest 6 to gale 8 occasionally severe gale 9 at first decreasing to force 5 later.

Rough or very rough becoming moderate or rough

Squally Showers.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Another great Carnival

Sorry for the late post , but that's down to operational call out.

Another excellent and fun carnival week done and many thanks to the members of the carnival committee and all those behind the scenes for making it a great week.

The weather might have got the better of a few events but the air shows were good and lets hope lots of money for local causes was raised.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Motor Boat Aground on Main Beach

The team was tasked this evening following a number of 999 calls about a motor boat which broke free from its mooring and came aground half on and half off the Mowlem slipway.

A number of members of public entered the water to try and help move it, but there was a degree of confusion and a risk of injuries to them - crushed feet etc - and so once the team arrived it took control of the situation and asked the members of public to return the beach.  Some folks had tried to pull the boat further onto the beach, but our preference was to try and refloat it - a boat marooned on the main beach on the busiest week of the year would not be ideal with the security and pollution risks and the inevitable issues of moving it.

Appropriately dressed in drysuits, boots and lifejackets, and with a tether to a buddy on the shore, a number of Coastguards went into the water to move the boat away from the slipway where there was a risk of it being holed and of subsequent pollution.

The RNLI was requested owing to the number of people in the sea and as safety cover for the Coastguard team.

The team pushed and manoeuvred the vessel, timing each push with the larger waves until the boat floated free.  Shortly afterwards, the lifeboat arrived and with the risk to personnel now gone. it took the vessel under tow and took it to the boat park slip where is was loaded onto a trailer.

Many thanks to those called 999 and to those who tried to assist.  However, please don't put yourself at risk.  Some folks could have lost toes had the boat landed on on them, and there's always the potential for slipping and being caught under the boat. 

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Swanage Carnival 2019

It was Carnival Day in Swanage today and that often means a busy day .......

Many of the team take holiday this week from their full time jobs to be about and help during the week.

First of all it was the annual Joint Emergency Service briefing  Breakfast Meeting, a time to catch up and discuss the day ahead.

The words ..... probably see you later were going to come true.

The team started to gather ready for the procession when they were asked to help with a medical incident on Shore Road.  The event ambulance team arrived and took over.
As that incident was being resolved we were made aware of another medical incident and again the team stepped in to assist.  The St Albans Coastguard just arriving in town were requested to assist take the male to the local hospital but as that was on route an ambulance arrived to deal.

The procession started and we were all enjoying the crowd when some youths decided to start throwing plastic bottles at our vehicles.   They weren't expecting the team to go and give them some advice on how to spend the rest of their day.

Half way round we were tasked to Studland to assist South Western Ambulance with a medical incident.  The team arrived and set up a landing site for the Coastguard helicopter which was then cancelled to allow the air ambulance to attend.  A male had been taken ill whilst walking the northern boundary, due to his condition the helicopter was required so he could be flown to Bournemouth hospital.

The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance ( the usual yellow one is away for maintenance.)

Before the team left they were tasked to search the South side of the harbour entrance for a possible missing male before another tasking of some clothing left on the beach.  The team quickly located the owner who confirmed all was well.

Finally everyone got back to the Carnival just before 7pm

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Early Morning Search Success

The team was tasked just before 3am today, Thursday, to search for a male missing from Dorset.
He'd last been seen earlier this morning in the area near the Downs and so the Initial Visual Search (IVS) concentrated around the Pier, Downs and Peveril Point.

The profile of the missing person led us to extend the search area and whilst police searched areas of town, Coastguard teams supported by police dogs concentrated on the areas around Durlston.  Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue attended with their mobile operations room to provide an indoor search base.

As daylight started to break, the male was successfully located and handed over to the care of the Police. The team were left to enjoy the company of Rodney the search dog and a beautiful sun rise over the bay before returning to the station for a well deserved mug of tea.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

The Summer Holidays Start

As the main holiday weeks start the team had several incidents over the weekend.

Saturday's patrol headed to Dancing Ledge and a report of a group coasteering in some rough conditions.  The patrol arrived and gave some safety advice to the group on the sea conditions.

Shortly after the full team were tasked to Swanage Pier to meet a dive boat who had a diver airlifted to Southampton hospital after a rapid ascent missing decompression stops.
 Both Swanage RNLI lifeboats were tasked to the vessel in support of the incident.
The team liaised with all those involved and the Police to establish what had caused the incident although several hours after the incident it was confirmed the male diver had had a lucky escape and their condition was not as bad as first thought.

Whilst the team was on the pier they dealt with a male with a fishing hook in their finger.

Sunday's patrol started in a similar way when they were tasked to Swanage Pier to meet a dive vessel.
Again a diver had missed a decompression stop and the crew and Coastguard liaised with a Dive Doctor in Poole.  Thankfully again there was no symptoms with advice given by the Doctor , the team took details and provided further advice.

The National Maritime Operations Centre then tasked the patrol to Studland after a Digital Emergency call was received indicating a vessel was in distress.

On arrival the team searched the beach area and located a boat owner who confirmed a fault with their radio which triggered the alarm.  Advice was given on drying the radio out before using it again and the patrol were released to return to the station.