Saturday, 24 September 2016

Coastguard assist Ambulance

The team were paged on Friday evening to assist South Western Ambulance with a seriously injured male.

The Wiltshire air ambulance attended King George's playing field assisted by the Coastguard and Police.

The Coastguard team were then requested to assist at the scene of the incident before assisting the ambulance back to the landing site.

Only last week the team practised setting up a night landing site as part of a large exercise.

The value of regularly training for the volunteer team shows its value working with our partner agencies.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Farewell Waverley, Call the Coastguard!

The paddle steamer 'Waverley' ended it's annual 3-week season of trips from Swanage this week, and once again it has been tremendous to see this piece of history making its way across the bay. Roll on next year and it's return!

Sadly, all didn't quite go to plan on Wednesday evening when the world's last remaining sea-going paddle steamer was unable to return passengers from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight to their destination in Swanage.

By the time the replacement coach arrived back at the pier,  the gates had been locked leaving some passengers unable to get to their car.    A call to the police led to a call to the Coastguard, and after a short while two of the Swanage volunteers attended, armed with a set of keys to let the weary travellers in.

As category 1 responders, we never know where we might need access to in an emergency, so we have a large bunch of master keys to cover many of the tracks, gates, car parks and barriers in the area. 

Letting passengers into a locked pier car park isn't a normal call out for us, but typical example of how we support the local community.

Monday, 19 September 2016

The railway connection

Behind the scenes , a lot of work is done by the volunteers to know our area and work with our partners for the safety of others.

This morning the Station Officer and Deputy headed off to Norden railway station to meet a representative of the railway to build on our local knowledge

There was also a connection with our days jobs so it was beneficial for lots of reasons.

High tide ? No - using the 4x4 vehicle each access point along the line was checked to see accessibility in an emergency to the track.

Railways are dangerous places , we were escorted by a rail incident officer - but also both of us hold Personal Track Safety Certificates to allow us " track side"

Gates and access were checked so if there was a multi agency incident we can support our partners.

Thank you to Swanage Railway for today's visit.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Purbeck Marathon

The Swanage and St. Albans Coastguard teams headed out on patrol today to monitor the runners along the coastal path.

Several hundred runners took part in both a full marathon or a sixteen mile run.

Congratulations to all those who took part today.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Casualty airlifted from coastal path

The team were called this afternoon to a report of a walker with a broken ankle on the coastal path.

South Western Ambulance had received a call from the walkers partner stating they were South of Verney Farm, and asked for Coastguard assistance.

The team arrived and started to treat the female before Rescue 106 from Portland arrived.

Both walkers were well prepared but as they had climbed over a stone style , the lady slipped and turned her ankle.

The Coastguard team assisted the winch-man before transferring the lady via a stretcher to the aircraft , for the short flight to the Poole HLS.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Making it Real

Dorset police requested CG support on Wednesday night in searching for an elderly dementia patient, missing from a local nursing home.
Using line abreast search techniques, the team combed the search area, not only looking for the the lady but also for any evidence that might point to her location.
The lady was finally located collapsed in a hedge at the edge of Days Park, unconscious and with a broken leg.  The Officer in Charge (OIC ) called for a rescue helicopter to take the lady to hospital, so whilst one half of the team provided first aid to the casualty,   the others went off to prepare a helicopter landing site using an accepted and agreed protocol with flashing red/white lights and orange beacons. By now, it had become dark.
Once the OIC had confirmed to the flight crew that the landing site was in place, the helicopter landed, the casualty, by now on a stretcher was brought up to it and......the exercise ended.
But it pays to make it as real as possible and in a couple of hours we had trained in:
- Search planning
- Search techniques
- Radio comms with the team and helicopter
- First Aid & stretcher
- Establishing a landing site after dark
- Finding and communicating grid references
- OIC capability
Apologies to anyone in Days Park who was alarmed by seeing the Station Officer 'hiding' the casualty dummy in the hedge earlier in the evening!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

A sailors story

The following was received by the team this week from someone they were recently called too.
They asked us to publicise the incident as their situation could have turned out very differently.

The Team were tasked to Studland. My husband was one of the dinghy sailors involved.

He has been sailing for 47 years and holds a yacht master/coastal sailing qualification.
However, one can never be fully experienced and he realises that he could have become a statistic.
Sailing in an area that he didn't know well he came into difficulties.

He failed to realise how an off-shore wind could affect his sailing abilities.

He feels he should have spoken to local dinghy sailors on the beach.

Also he should have worn appropriate clothing and not his sailing shorts, sailing top and life jacket.

And also double checked that his life jacket was fully zipped up and replaced his knife in his jacket after using it during our bbq on the beach the previous evening.

And, attached his whistle to his life jacket. He realised that at 61 he is not a fit dinghy sailor who can right his boat with ease.

In this event after the third capsize he was too exhausted to get back on board. If it had not been for other sailors on the water I dread to think of the consequences.

He had drifted away from the boat by this stage and I could only watch through binoculars from the beach, at one time seeing just his head and his arm waving to get attention.

He intends to use this horrible experience to alert others at his local dinghy sailing club "to prepare and beware" as things can so easily go wrong.

Both of us wish to thank you for helping on the day. THANK YOU.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Coastguard Exercise in Days Park

There will be a Coastguard Search Exercise tonight in Days Park should people be concerned what the activity is.

The team will be using lighting to assist in the search which will be concluded by 8.45pm

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Going out ? Check the weather

Whilst some places had sunshine others had thunderstorms.

If you are going to the coast make sure you check the weather and keep an eye on the sky.