Saturday, 26 September 2020

Missing walker located


Police , NPAS and Coastguard were tasked this evening to search around Studland and  Agglestone Rock for an over due walker. 

The 69 year old female was last seen around 14.30 today near to the village but failed to turn up at the agreed meeting place. 

The team deployed with three search teams along with Police Officers and a NPAS Helicopter. 

One of the Coastguard teams located the female safely near to the golf club and brought her safely back. The lady confirmed she had got lost but suffered no injuries. 

The teams stood down and returned to station. 

Friday, 25 September 2020

Missing diver safely located with a surprise

 The team were tasked this afternoon at 15.48 to a report of a possible missing diver off Shell Bay Studland. 

A member of public reported seeing the male earlier on the beach and was concerned for his welfare after a few hours. 

The team arrived and quickly located the diver who then presented a piece of ordnance he located on the sea bed.

The team is currently waiting for a bomb disposal team  with part of the beach at Shell Bay cordoned off. 

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Round up

 A busy few days last week with a yacht aground , sadly a dog Lost over the cliff on Ballard , male having a medical incident at Dancing Ledge , a lost female, a motor boat aground and a yacht reported struggling in the tide. 

This speed boat ended up on Studland beach having snapped its mooring. 
Devon air ambulance landing at Dancing Ledge 

Friday, 18 September 2020

Team tasked to yacht aground

 The team had an early start yesterday ( Thursday) when a yacht grounded on Swanage beach. 

The person on board had made it ashore but the team attended to ensure their safety and check for an pollution. 
The yacht was made ready for a ref lost later in the evening which the team were going to attend however were tasked to another incident.  More on this in the next few days. 

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Back to patrols

 So after a few manic months , the team have starting to get back to traditional ( if that is the new normal) patrols. 

So yesterday it was route checking and checking of a few gates to ensure we have good access. 

Not all our routes have tarmac to them 

Then you get a great view! 

Remember if you see something out to sea or on the coast 999 Coastguard. 

Sunday, 30 August 2020

A yacht , injured knee and a head injury

 A busy Saturday for the team on the first day of the bank holiday. 

The first call came in 07.00 to a report of a yacht aground at Studland.  Poole lifeboat has also been tasked and took the vessel in tow back to its mooring at Shell bay. 

Poole lifeboat towing the yacht back through the harbour entrance yesterday in the shadow of one of the visiting cruise ships. 

The team were then tasked along with St Albans Coastguard and both Swanage RNLI lifeboats to Dancing Ledge with a person in the water with a knee injury. 

The lifeboat crew recovered the female and brought her back to the Swanage and transfer to the ambulance service. 

Having just returned for that incident the team were then tasked to near the lifeboat station and a male with a head injury who had fallen over on the coast path. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Paddle-boarders Rescued


 Three paddle borders were rescued off Studland yesterday after the strong winds caught them out. 

Both Swanage RNLI Lifeboats, a training lifeboat and both Coastguard teams from Swanage and St Albans were tasked to search for the three. 

The mother and two children visiting the area had been on the water when the conditions blew them off shore sparking the rescue operation.  All were picked up and brought back to the lifeboat station at Swanage. 

Always check the conditions inshore and offshore. Ask at the local visitors centres about the conditions and the safe areas to participate in activities. 

In an emergency 999 Coastguard 

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Are You Feeling Lucky....?

 Are you feeling lucky………… or would you be better off being prepared?

Paddleboarders, Kayakers and Sailboarders: it would help us and increase your chances of being rescued when afloat if you:

(1) Have a shore contact, who is aware or your plans, who will contact the Coastguard by calling 999 or 112 if you become overdue.

(2) Carry on your person a means of Calling for Help:

(3) And a visual means of indicating distress either:

  • Orange smoke flare
  • Red hand flare
  • Or an EVDS (Electronic Visual Distress Flare), commonly known as a laser flare

You are strongly advised to mark your equipment and watercraft with contact details, if it is discovered we can check you are safe and it increases the chance of you recovering your lost equipment.


Wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid

Always carry a means of Calling For Help

Check the weather and tides

Have a shore contact

Friday, 21 August 2020

Social Media


First of all we apologise for the lack of blogs but this week has been very busy for us , but also for  most Coastguard teams in Dorset. 

We have noticed this week that reports of items washed up, concerns about people and possible incidents are being reported on social media but not via 999.    

Social media is not monitored routinely via the emergency services. 

If you find something or want to report something its really important that 999 is used - someone’s life could depend on it. 

Social media can be useful for appeals but don’t delay , make the call 999 Coastguard. 


Thursday, 13 August 2020

Boat incident at Studland

 A multi agency response to a boat incident off Studland was launched this afternoon  at 4pm

Poole lifeboat, Rescue helicopter 175 , Dorset Police , Swanage Coastguard , South Western Ambulance and  a critical care team all responded after 3 people ended up in the water. One further person was still on the speed boat that came to an abrupt stop.   

The Coastguard team remained on shore to coordinate the response working with the ambulance and police whilst the helicopter , lifeboat and a couple of other vessels went to speed boat. 

One person had a spinal injury and another had a face injury were transported by lifeboat  to the north haven landing stage near to the chain ferry and met by the ambulance and coastguard team. 

Poole Coastguard were tasked to meet the speed boat in  Poole.