Friday, 22 September 2017

How long have Coastguards been volunteers

It's been a little busy this week again so sorry for the lack of Blogs.

In between work and callouts a comment on facebook caught our eye.

Someone posted a picture of our truck and wrote - thank you to the volunteer Coastguards ........

A comment said " since when have Coastguards been volunteers" - well in Swanage, 1888 to be precise. ( yes that's over one hundred years!!!)

Although there are full time Coastguards in our operations centres and senior officers, the Rescue teams are ALL volunteers who all have full time jobs.

A little volunteering last night at Anvil Point ......

Rope training in the dark as Terry heads over the cliff.

Nick heads down 90ft

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Two more incidents and training

The team have again been called twice in the last two days with the weather being a factor.

On Monday the team were called to Studland and two paddleboarders being swept out to sea and yesterday a possible swimmer in trouble off Swanage beach.

Thankfully all involved got safely back ashore.

Last night just as the weather started to change the team along with Dorset Police carried out a search exercise at Studland.

With several objectives to be achieved and the rain the casualty was located quickly which enabled everyone to return to the station to dry off and have a mug of tea.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Driving Rain, High Winds and four taskings

Sunday was a busy day for the team with four separate incidents (so far!)

The first was around 1am when the team was tasked to a female fallen over a cliff in Bournemouth - in this case the tasking was to support colleagues from Southbourne and Lymington but we were stood down when the lady was recovered by other means.

Next was a suspected piece of ordnance, discovered at Knoll Beach by the early morning patrol. Photographs were sent to EOD who examined them and who were content that the heavily corroded item was harmless.  The team marked the object up to avoid further calls and liaised with the landowner to arrange removal and disposal.

With the weather now worsening, the next task was back in Studland and to the asistance of a young lady who had twisted her knee badly when out walking near Old Harry.  Working with the NT rangers, first aid was given and the lady was stabilised and made comfortable before arrangements were made to recover her back to the village and from there to hospital.

Finally, whilst Swanage RNLI were out rough weather training, they noticed what looked to be a fresh cliff fall in the Tilly Whim area and the team was tasked to investigate from above.  Wearing full foul weather kit three CROs checked the area and coast path from the top, and after a further conversation with the lifeboat stood down when nothing could be found.

Meanwhile some of the newer members have spent a weekend training in Bournemouth.

That's 8 calls in the first ten days of September.....What will the rest of the month hold?

Friday, 8 September 2017

Light Aircraft makes an Emergency Landing

The team were tasked this afternoon to a mayday call regarding a light aircraft with engine trouble over Poole Harbour.

With information sketchy about whether the plane would land safely or not and the location that it might eventually come down, the full team was tasked ready to mount a coastal search if required and to carry out first aid and recovery as appropriate.  Colleagues from other emergency services were also tasked.

In the end, the pilot was able to make a controlled landing in a field near Fitzworth Point, adjacent to Wych Farm and a search was not required.

There were no injuries to either the pilot or his passenger.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bella says Thankyou

You may remember an incident earlier in the summer when we recovered 'Bella', the golden retriever from off the cliffs below the Downs at Swanage.
Although Bella's owners were very appreciative at the time, they decided to come back to Swanage last week and say thankyou properly and to meet the team.
We met at the CG Station and chatted for an hour or so over a cup of tea and the couple said they had seen us at an incident a couple of days earlier; like many, they hadn't realised that we are just volunteers who all have day jobs as well.
It was great to see the family all back together with both their dogs safe and sound and our thanks go out to them for coming to see us and for their kindness.

Naturally, we couldn't miss out on the opportunity for a quick photo for the album!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Going to the beach today?

If you are heading to beach today , please observe the signs and parking restrictions.

Blocked gates or tight access can delay us getting to an incident.

That incident may be for you.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Its the Bank Holiday

Unusually for a bank holiday the sun is shining which means it's a bit busy.

Yesterday both the Swanage and St Albans teams were tasked to a lady fallen at Dancing Ledge. The lady appeared to have suffered a twisted or broken ankle so was carried out by the teams and with her family taken to hospital.

Today's patrol were tasked to the sailing club in Swanage after a sailing dinghy took on water. Swanage RNLI ILB soon arrived and brought those involved ashore to be met by the team. All were well so everyone resumed.

Tonight the team were tasked to Anvil Point to search for a possible person in a dinghy. Due the failing light it was a very quick search but nothing was found and no one has been reported missing or over due.

Swanage Coastguard Rescue Vehicle at Anvil Point

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Team assist air ambulance crew

Yesterday the team spotted the air ambulance circling over South Swanage.

The team assisted the crew to the location of the incident and stood by until they returned.

The volunteers are always on call ready to assist where required with helicopter operations being one specialist skill the Coastguard teams have.

The Somerset and Dorset's new helicopter

Friday, 18 August 2017

Busy week for Coastguard volunteers

It's been a busy summers week for volunteer Coastguard teams in the Purbeck area,

3 incidents at Lulworth along with the Kimmeridge team involving people falling from cliffs or hit by rocks.

1 person stuck on a cliff at Swanage with colleagues joining us from St Albans.

1 person airlifted from a path at St Albans last night.

All these incidents have involved the rescue helicopter 175 to assist.

In total there are 48 volunteers on call in the area ready to assist those in trouble or who have been injured.

Never attempt a rescue yourself - what may look like a slope could cause you and others serious injury if things go wrong.

# 999 Coastguard

Sunday, 13 August 2017

A very long night

Coastguard teams risk assess their areas and deploy patrols to reduce risks especially if there is an event in the area.

For the second night running the team headed out to an event at Studland that in past years has seen some serious maritime incidents.

At 7pm the team headed out and it wasn't long before it was reported there was some serious fighting going on aboard some boats at South Beach.
On arrival it had calmed down but the team remained around to ensure people were going back to their boats safely.

The team then spotted some persons in danger of being cut off by the tide and went along to point them to a safer location.

Then a large jet ski was found balancing on rocks and along with the owners assisted moving it before the incoming tide caused any damage.

One of the biggest risks whilst at the beach is mixing cold water and alcohol. The team spotted several naked makes swimming at South Beach. The group were monitored and later give safety advice.

Sadly a further fight started on a boat with the team standing by whilst Police attended. The boats parted company and were monitored back to Poole due to their behaviour.

The patrol then located a cyclist in a ditch , first aid was offered along with a suggestion of leaving the bike and catching the bus. This was declined and the cyclist headed off again this time with his white tshirt on rather than his black jumper.
This was good advice from the team as 10 minutes later they spotted the male embedded into a hedge. This time the bike was left at scene and the male dropped at the ferry for his and other road users safety.

Shortly after this incident the team became aware of a female cyclist involved in a accident just after knoll beach.
Whilst this isn't the usual Coastguard area of work as an emergency service the team provided immediate care to the seriously injured female.

Immediate assistance was requested from the other services and due to the females condition deteriorating the Coastguard Operations Centre tasked Rescue 175 to scene.

Police and Ambulance arrived and all three emergency services worked together treating the female.
Due to the possible injuries the ambulance crew confirmed the female should be airlifted so an emergency landing site was set up opposite the Knoll House Hotel.
The female was airlifted and taken to Southampton Hospital.

The team finally left the station just before 03.00 having cleaned and replaced the equipment ready for service.