Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kimmeridge Ian makes it 4 in a row

This morning patrol saw the two Ian's (Station Officer Ian and Kimmeridge Ian) head out to see what was happening in the patch.  As the patrol arrived at the seafront there in the sea was a Land Rover Discovery .....yes in the sea.

The vehicle looked rather stuck and clearly surrounded by water it wasn't doing much for the anti corrosion warranty let alone the engine.

The kind chap at Ocean Bay had given some word of advice before the owner decided to reverse the jet ski and the vehicle into the sea.  He was also on hand to assist in towing the vehicle out having had some advice from us along with some crowd control in case the tow rope snapped.

We all waited to see if the vehicle would start.......the above photo shows the results as the engine tried to throw out all the water and contents of the engine onto the beach (which was then cleaned up by the nice chap at Ocean Bay !)

This was the fourth time Ian had been out on patrol and the fourth incident in a row.....

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