Thursday, 21 June 2012


I was just down the Coop* doing some shopping when I saw Swanage Lifeboat Mechanic Dave Turnbull with his shopping trolly full of grapes - a half price offer and boy was he was stocking up. He must like grapes an awful lot I thought...or perhaps he has a garden shed full of Mexican fruit monkeys which he needs to feed. Either way it was a lot of grapes, at least four fruit bowls worth.

We had a quick chat about the weather; I turned around and suddenly he was gone.

Either the lifeboat crew have been paged and he's had to make a dash for it, or alternatively he's eaten too many grapes and had to make a dash for it.

Coop workers replenishing the grapes. 
*other supermarkets are available in Swanage, all offering a delicious selection of seasonal fruit. 

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