Saturday, 14 July 2018

Hot afternoon at Studland

Another busy time for the Coastguard this afternoon.

The first incident was to provide some support to a young girl who was taken ill on the beach at Studland.

A missing 5 year old sparked a search on Studland beach. Along with national trust staff the patrol searched the beach until a member of the public located the child about half a mile away. All were reunited and given some safety advice.

As the afternoon drew to a close the patrol and full team were tasked to Shell Bay to assist the ambulance service. A Male had dived into swallow water injuring his neck so along with the Poole lifeboat crew the Male was carried to the ambulance.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

When England play ....

The scene last week when England was playing football....

The usual busy view point over looking Poole Harbour was almost empty !

At least the queue for the ice cream van wasn’t long !

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Swimmer rescued at Poole Harbour entrance

A swimmer had a lucky escape this afternoon when they got into difficulties near to the chain ferry.

Poole Inshore Lifeboat launched along with Coastguard teams from Swanage and Poole tasked to investigate.

On arrival the Swanage Coastguard team were pointed to the direction of the male and managed to spot the swimmer struggling in the water.
A small passing boat went to the swimmers assistance but were unable to recover him aboard.
The Coastguard team directed the lifeboat to the swimmer who took him aboard and ashore to North Haven.

Due to the condition of the swimmer an ambulance was requested and conveyed the male to hospital.

The swimmer had started his swim at shell bay when he was swept across the path of the chain ferry.
He was lucky to be spotted with rescue units close by to rescue him.

Due to the strong current it is not advisable to swim near to the harbour entrance.

Coastal emergency dial 999 - Coastguard.

How to call the Coastguard

So if you decide to head to the coast. ( to avoid the football)

See someone in trouble or need assistance.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


The Station Officer and Deputy joined forces with the Neighbourhood Police Team last week to brief the wardens at  Studland.
The National Trust employs its own Rangers and these are supplemented in the summer by a private security firm. Last week's meeting gave us all a chance to agree the common approach on calling the emergency services and how we could expect each other to respond in a  variety of incidents such as missing children, the discovery of ordnance, antisocial behaviour etc.  It's good to get these protocols established at the start of the season and we look forward to another successful summer with the NT.

Monday, 2 July 2018

An Evening at St Albans Head

Our flank team at St Albans invited us to a joint training session last week, so the team headed to Worth to join them and from there, out to St Albans head itself.

teams working together at the top
It's always good to train in unfamiliar locations and the cliff at St Albans offers an opportunity to run the set up over a double ledge - ie the technician decends from the operating level down the cliff face to the next ledge below, before walking out to the edge of that and descending over the edge of that too.
The view going over the second ledge

On a glorious summer evening, we managed to get 6 technicians over the cliff whilst the rest of the teams took it in turns to operate the main and safety lines and the tugger recovery system.
Assisted descent (the second, untrained person could be a paramedic or police officer etc)

Policy is to task two teams to a rope rescue, and so it makes sense for flank teams to train together, and our thanks to the team at St Albans for the invite.
Some different scenery at St Albans!