Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Slightly late with apologies, this is Chris, one of newer members of the team who joined us in January.

Chris's full time occupation is a trainee Paramedic (skills that may come in handy??)  We have learnt that prior to joining the Coastguard, Chris liked to jump out of aeroplanes and hoping the pack on his back was his parachute not his old school bag.


John B said...

Nice to see Chris on the blogg at last. If Chris was ever a boy scout(dib dib dob, be prepared and all that) he may well have had a parachute in his school bag!
Better check his bag next time guys.
Look forward to working with you Chris.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think I underestimated the urgency with which you wanted a mini biography! You summed me up very well thought haha