Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ballard Down Purbeck Beacon

A Coastguard Team set off to Peveril Point to provide safety cover at the lighting of the Swanage Beacon but on route was re-tasked to the much larger Beacon up on Ballard Down which was being overseen by the National Trust.

As we drove up Ulwell Road a large silhouette could be seen on the hill - 'Is that the fire, if so it is huge, they are not seriously going to light that!' was the comment.

A strange shape against the skyline.

On arrival it was clear this was a Beacon in every sense of the word; easily 25ft high of fast burning gorse.

'Oh, the Coastguard's here.... are you going to light it?'
'Rather not thanks, we'll just watch - from over there' 

Over there being 100ft away, up wind! Rather than opt for the scorched truck award, this was moved upwind also - we prefer having blue paint on our truck.

At 10:04 the Ballard Beacon was lit!

....and by 10:05, half of the residents of Studland had no eyebrows. (only kidding).

Just getting going

I'm melting, I'm melting ....anyone got any burgers?
A really good night out, so thanks to the National Trust and local farmers including 'Steve'.

Hope the Queen liked it.


John B said...

Looks like it was a bit warm up there, lots of sparky bits flying about.The Queen was a bit buisy this weekend but---August bank holiday,could do another beacon & invite Her Majesty The Queen
Tempt her down with offer of hot dogs with ketchup or brown sauce!!
(corgi's also welcome)Better start writting the invite.

Anonymous said...

It certainly was a fantastic night!

I think i got a suntan from the fire myself ;)

here's some more photos of the celebrations: