Saturday, 29 June 2019

Foot Injury and Litter

Saturday's patrol came to the assistance of a young girl who trod on this discarded skewer whilst paddling at Studland.   The spike, which is razor sharp, was embedded approx 4cm into the foot of the 10-year old, who was visiting with friends.

Once the blood was stopped, the team cleaned the wound and applied a dressing before escorting the family to the Minor Injuries Unit at Swanage Hospital for further cleaning and a discussion about tetanus.

Grateful thanks to Paul and the staff at Middle Beach Cafe for their assistance in finding us somewhere to treat the young lady and for looking after both her and the team and keeping us refreshed and hydrated!  Much appreciated!

We're not sure, but the object could be a kebab skewer from a barbecue or perhaps something thrown from a boat.  Either way, this piece of litter caused a nasty injury today and spoiled a family's day at the beach.  Last week, you may recall we were called to investigate a rusty cylindrical object, believed to be wartime ordnance.  In the event the object was a discarded Pepsi can which it is believed was dropped 75 years ago in the preparations for D-Day.

Both examples show the effects of littering so please heed the advice and put litter in a bin, or take it home with you.

Monday, 24 June 2019

UXB or Fizzy Drink

On Saturday the team were made aware of a possible piece of ordnance in the dunes to the north of Knoll Beach.

Along with Dorset Police , the team headed towards the National Trust Rangers who were guarding the area. 

With a really careful look , it was soon discovered the item was in fact a can of fizzy drink, but the story doesn't quite end there.

The can was sealed  and had "Pepsi Cola" written on the side.
 A little bit of research told us the company Pepsi Cola was formed in 1898 and  in 1961 just became "Pepsi" - there is a strong chance that someone dropped this during the D-Day Practise on Studland in 1944 as it wasn't on general sale in the UK.

If you find something on the beach and not sure what it is - don't touch it , call 999 Coastguard.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Vessel on Fire

On Saturday the team were tasked to monitor a vessel on fire off Swanage.

Both Poole RNLI lifeboats along with Swanage RNLI lifeboat were tasked shortly after 5.50pm.

The vessel had a small fire in the engine room and the crew requested assistance.

During the incident one of the crew was taken ill , so the Swanage Lifeboat made at best speed to North Haven and were shortly joined by the Coastguard team whilst an ambulance was called.

After the medical incident the lifeboats returned to take the vessel in tow to Poole.

We would like to thank the crew of the chain ferry for there assistance in this incident.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Fish Festival

This weekend the team were invited by the Fish Festival committee to attend their event at Prince Albert Gardens.

It was great to see so many people using the gardens and taking part in the event.

During Saturday's attendance, the team were tasked to Studland and reports of two paddle boarders in trouble off shore. With their families ashore the team arrived to guide both Swanage RNLI Lifeboats to the pair.   Both were taken on the lifeboats and brought  ashore to the team.

On Sunday , our colleagues from the National Coastwatch at Peveril Point reported a swimmer they were concerned about off Ballard Point.  Members of the Coastguard team attended the lookout to liaise with the watchkeepers and monitor the swimmer.
The swimmer was monitored and continued swimming towards Old Harry after a short break.

Later in the afternoon the team were tasked to Poole Harbour after reports of a dolphin in distress and people in the water trying to help it.

The Poole Lifeboat was also tasked to investigate and arrived just before the team to confirm the dolphin was not caught and seemed to be feeding.
The team arrived and monitored from the shore confirming no persons were in the water.

Just a little reminder that dolphins are protected and please keep your distance in your vessels.

Another busy weekend for the volunteer Coastguard team and thank you to all that came and visited us at the festival.

Dolphin Watch

Thursday, 6 June 2019

D-Day 75

On a day of remembrance we remembered those who 75 years ago crossed the channel to the beaches of Normandy.

Taken by one of the team this morning 75 years on from H Hour on Sword Beach.

Almost at the same time , the view from Peveril Point Swanage - 75 years ago the view would have been very different, which ships heading to France and planes over head.

Eric , John and Tom represented the team at 11.00 at the war memorial. Our great friend Clifford Brown remembered those he served with , ending up on  Omaha beach on the 6th June 1944
Omaha Beach during a visit  March 2019
We thank you for our freedom

Sunday, 2 June 2019

A fishing hook and a broken ankle

On Friday afternoon the team were tasked to the stone quay to support the ambulance service.

A 10 year old had got a fishing hook in his leg and required lifting from the rocks.

The team provided first aid and lifted the patient up on a stretcher on to the top of the quay. A quick trip to the local hospital for removal of the hook enabled the ambulance to be cancelled.

On Saturday afternoon the team were called to Ocean Bay and a report of a person with a broken ankle.   With the assistance of the RNLI lifeguards and the RNLI ILB with some pain relief again first was provided until the arrival of the ambulance.