Monday, 29 July 2013

Carnival time

This week is carnival time and like many in the town the volunteer Coastguards take the week off from their full time jobs to boost emergency cover and enjoy the week.

So around town you will have found the following team members in strategic locations ready to respond .

Station Officer - beach hut Shore Road

Tom - Carnival Caravan Shore Road

Eric - Commentating the Go Kart competition Shore Road

Nick - Wandering between Sandpit field and Shore Road

Duncan - Drinking Coffee at local coffee shop

Chris - Entertaining family shore Road

Roger - Beach hut shore Road and Mayoral duties as required.

Brian - Sandpit field

Kyle - on duty in Swanage

Today was quiet on the Coastguard front although the strong off shore wind saw, a red beach ball, black rubber ring and green inflatable crocodile blown out to sea.
There was also nearly an incident where a young child was blown out to sea however his parents quickly went to his assistance.

Just a reminder to always keep inflatable toys close inshore and under control.

Tonight saw the Carnvial swim at the stone quay and a lot of competitors in the water. Thankfully no incidents other than a couple of minor 1st aid treatments.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

Coastguard patrol locate missing resident in Swanage

Yesterday's patrol returning from an incident in Studland located a local female in the Ulwell area of Swanage.

Concerned for lady in a dangerous location and due to yesterday's temperatures the patrol stopped and found the lady in a confused state. Unable to discover her address or many details the patrol proceeded to a local nursing home to make enquiries if the lady was a resident. Staff at the home were very relieved to see one of their residents and had been searching for the lady for sometime.

The actions of the patrol thankfully saved a major search in high temperatures seeing the lady returned safely to her home.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


The scene at North Beach Car Park last week at New Entrant Training.

New team members from Swanage, St Albans, Kimmeridge and Portland under the instruction of the East Dorset Sector Manager learning the basic skills of a Coastguard Rescue Officer.

Pictured above is the FOD check carried out before helicopter landings or cliff rescues to ensure no foreign object debris has been left to cause a hazard.

5 objects were located which were swiftly removed with a spade.............the hazards we have to deal with !

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tombstoning, health and safety gone mad ?

The patrol was out and about on a busy day when they get told by a member of the public they were concerned for some children jumping off off the pier.

This type of report is taken seriously as the risk of injury is high.

The patrol were joined by a beach warden and the gate keeper of the pier and advice was given to the children. The pier have now taken action further by banning this type of activity and will strictly enforce it.

Shortly after we became aware of a raised voice at the gate of the pier and found a male shouting at the pier volunteer for spoiling the fun of some children. We went across to explain to the angry male that it was not health and safety gone mad it was a worrying trend and people like Nick pictured above have been left paralysed.

He then decided to vent his anger towards us, trying to remind Gareth and I that we clearly never had a childhood and never did dangerous things. Sensing this male had perhaps had too much sun we decided that he wasn't going to listen and agreed to disagree with his opinion.

We are never going to please everyone however the volunteer team members will continue to support the campaign to reduce injuries when Tombstoning.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Jazz Scandal

Turns out the boss has been moonlighting just recently.  Yup, he's gone to the dark side.....Jazz, and here he is leading the parade at last week's Swanage Jazz Festival, accompanied by the Mayor - or is it Mayoress, Ali?  Not sure, sorry.   Oh no, Roger's the Mayoress.  Oh. never mind.

Anyway, the point is, there's the boss, donning his uniform in order to blend in with the Dave Brennan Jazz Band leading the disturbance.  Pity he forgot his cap and tie - the chap with the saxophone has got his on.  Sadly, Ian's upset the chap on the far left as well by the looks of things.

All of this gory detail was captured in this week's Advertiser, and you can get your own cut out and keep souvenir copy of the photo by going to Page 3 - yes, he's made Page 3 - and tearing it up out.

It all adds up now.  Remember that time when he was spotted playing in the band at the Swanage Carnival?  (you'll have to scroll to the very bottom)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Search for 85 year old male in Swanage

Coastguard assistance was requested by Dorset Police this evening for a 85 year old male missing in the town. The male visiting the town and staying in Bournemouth got separated from his wife around 4pm.

Concerned for his welfare his wife contacted Police who started a search. Having searched for over an hour the Police requested further assistance from the Coastguard searching from Burlington Chine to Peveril Point.

During the search both Swanage RNLI lifeboats along with Poole Inshore Lifeboat were on exercise so were asked to assist to speed the search at the Northern end of the bay.

About 45 minutes into the search Police confirmed the male had been located safe and well back at his hotel in Bournemouth having caught a different bus to his wife.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Stolen Sea Kayak - Studland Sea School- Perception Scooter Gemini 2 Seat

The Swanage Coastguard IRT team were called to Studland Sea School at 19:00 this evening to a two person kayak that was two hours overdue. The Coastguard Operations room were concerned for the safety of the people who had hired the kayak.

A full HMCoastguard search of the beaches was undertaken while the Swanage Lifeboat launched to undertake a sea search.  Meanwhile Dorset Police investigated the hirers contact details to find these were false. After a two hour search, and in light of the details to hand the teams were stood down on the basis that the kayak had probably been stolen by a person using the pseudo name 'Chris Ashton'.

The Studland Sea School are now sadly out of pocket, although the owners can be satisfied that their clear emergency procedures worked well this evening. We were very impressed with the safety and professionalism showed by the school.

Sadly the couple who stole the craft put emergency workers at risk and wasted considerable Coastguard, RNLI and Police time. The CCTV images at the Sea School have been passed to Dorset Police - the kayak was also security marked.

STOLEN: Perception Scooter Gemini 2 Seater Sit on Top Kayak.

If you can assist Dorset Police please call them on the non-emergency number 101 or contact Crimestoppers.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Overdue swimmer located safe

Portland Coastguard paged the Swanage Initial Response Team just before 8pm for a missing swimmer in Swanage bay.

The team arrived and located the 1st informant who confirmed he had been swimming with his friend who had since gone missing. Just as a major search was started the missing swimmer turned up having seen the emergency lights on the Coastguard vehicle.

The swimmer confirmed he had swam a little longer than he thought and the tide had taken him slightly further down the beach.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Lost Children

Its a parents worse nightmare.......losing your child on a crowded beach.

This weekend saw a record number of calls to the emergency services reporting lost children on the beaches of Dorset.

Thankfully most were resolved within minutes however the longest was over an hour.

Please monitor your children at all times, When you arrive talk to them about where you are and establish a landmark for them and you.
Check them regularly and use a waterproof wrist band with contact details on it for you.

Explain to your children the dangers of the beach especially the water. Children are often attracted to places like amusement arcades or attractions, set out the rules and always accompany them.

Check the locations of the beach wardens and lifeguards, this is your first point of contact should you lose your child.

Enjoy your visit to the beach and don't forget to apply lots of sun cream to you and your family. Drink plenty (not alcohol !) and respect the users of the beach around you.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

This morning the Initial Response Team were tasked at 6am to Studland to a report of a yacht causing a problem South Beach.

Dorset Police had a report from other users on the beach of 3 males drunk on a yacht heading off to Old Harry Rocks.

The IRT located the yacht going round in circles off Ballard Point before it returned to the moorings at South Beach. Shortly after and with continued singing the yacht left and headed into Poole Harbour.

Drinking on board a 33ft yacht and being anti social to other users is not acceptable. Enquiries are on going with the owners to give a firm warning of their actions.