Friday, 15 June 2012

Swanage Coastguard on tour

The Station Officer had a couple of days away and headed to Brighton and Newhaven.  This morning the journey continued in the direction of Beachy Head, an area linked with many sad incidents.

1st stop was Birling Gap Coastguard.

Looking at the photos in the cafe opposite the station the effect of coastal erosion is huge with about 2/3 of the old Coastguard housing station gone into the sea.

Another view of the Birling Gap station - a little bit different to ours.
Back in the car and another 4 miles up the road, we found the Beachy Head Coastguard Station. I understand this is satellite station which houses extra equipment for the incidents on Beachy Head.  The premises also has a unique Chaplain Service which works with the Police and Coastguard to reduce the number of suicides at the location.  Whilst no Coastguard were at the station, the Chaplains were and we had a super chat about their valuable work.
An area very different to ours with some 200 incidents, many ending with tragic results.

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