Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The transfer market

The football transfer market is not the only "market" closing today.

After many months of official talks and a medical we have "Sold " Richard Curtis (aka Rid) to the Poole team. I regret to say the final fee remains a closely guarded secret but it did involve biscuits.

Four and a half years after joining, Rid is moving beyond them hills and with a very heavy heart we had to let him go. The good news is that he is allowed to stay in the Coastguard and will transfer to the Poole team and continue his service over the water.

Life over the Poole side is a little different to Swanage, they do not have many cliffs but plenty of mud. So on behalf of the team, thanks Rid and good luck with the move. We will miss your energy and enthusiasm. Who are we going to have to do all the running?

The 2012 Incident Map is now live!

The 2012 Incident Map is now live!

Monday, 30 January 2012


This is part of DORIS or DORset Integrated Seabed Survey. Partly funded by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, this is one of the most fascinating displays around and currently being shown at Durlston Castle.

The image of the how the seabed is formed, showing old rivers, where the land use to be before the sea covered them and even wrecks is out of this world.

You can see more at http://tinyurl.com/dorismap, however I would recommend a visit to see this on display.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lost Property?

During last nights incident, one of the teams located a cap....not that unusual, items of clothing are often found on our travels, however this one seemed to have a connection.

We have not been Auxiliary Coastguards for some years (now Coastguard Rescue Officers) and our caps either have MCA on them or HM Coastguard.

It appears well worn, but not by one of the Swanage team?

So its all a bit of a mystery who it belongs too and how it got up there to be found by a Coastguard team !

19:22 Kimmeridge Coastguard Team say its not them either!

Busy few hours.

The team were tasked to the Obelisk last night to assist South Western Ambulance with a male collapsed on the path. 'Alpha' team took the path from the bottom by the water works and had the difficult task of searching upwards. 'Bravo team' collected the Paramedics and had the slightly easier/warm approach in searching around the top.

For our new member Roger, it was a baptism of fire walking up the footpath at a pace however it was done rather well reaching the top with nothing found. Rescue 106 joined the search and using the FLIR camera located the group halfway between the Obelisk and Old Harry.

The male was transferred to the helicopter and flown to Poole, the group that had stopped to help the male were then transported to their cars in town as the incident had delayed their walk and darkness had fallen.

Later on just after midnight, the IRT were tasked to again assist South Western Ambulance in the town. A female had a back injury and with a narrow twisting staircase it was going to be difficult to transport her to a waiting ambulance. Coastguards are always up for a challenge and the transfer was completed safely.

It was then an early start as training was scheduled for a 9am start..... lets just say one or two members of "alpha" team did appear to be walking slowly.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Running into people

The SO and DSO have just taken the MRU out for a run as in colder weather it needs a run at least every week.

We headed out to Studland and found a load of Police cars and EOD team (Bomb disposal team) in the dunes by the ferry toll booth. A National Trust Warden had found a long piece of corroded metal and unable to identify it called in the Police and EOD team.

Thankfully this time the item turns out to be a solid metal tube, however you can never be sure at Studland and the right people were called in to check.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Keeping safe at the coast

The MCA have five key safety messages

Get trained

Check the weather and tides

Wear a lifejacket

Avoid Alcohol

Keep in touch

Simple really and could save a life.....YOURS!

Here at Swanage we would like to add two of our own and these will be our key message for the year.

Be aware of off shore winds

Keep your dog on a lead when near cliffs.

Over the coming months we will featuring these key messages on a regular basis along with who's who's in the search and rescue world.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Muddy Truck

Oh no, the Coastguard rescue truck has accidentally on purpose got muddy!

...if only there was a place we could go and wash it on Saturday morning :-).

Oh what's that?
You mean the Swanage Lifeboat crew will wash it for us?
At their SOS Fundraising Event
For only 10 pence?

Can we trust the crew not to squirt us with water and press the 'nee nars / blue light' buttons?

Water Rescue through the ages

Check out the lifejacket

Monday, 23 January 2012

Dogs, Dinner and a Car Wash.

I saw on Swanage Lifeboat's Facebook page that they have some video footage up of 'Bobby' the dog.

Also next Saturday they have two charity events planned.

The first is Charity Car Wash at Jewson's yard, Swanage 09:30-16:00 (Note: this is the time it is open, not the time it will take them to wash your car). - You pays your money and they wash your car. You pays more money and they wash it even better.

Incidentally I think the Coastguard Rescue truck needs a run over the muddy cliffs early Saturday morning and I know just where I'll be taking it for a wash at 09:30!

Jewson's Yard.

On the same day is a 'Soup and Sweet' lunch function between 12:00 and 14:00 at the Roman Catholic Hall, Rempstone Road. Tickets £5 from Corbens Estate Agents on Station Road. You pays your money and you get some Soup and a Sweet; in different bowls obviously.

All the money raised will go to their Lifejacket Appeal.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Edge Safety Officers......well a few years ago.

Another picture from the past showing how things have changed......That rope really is tied around his chest.....and as for helmets....

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Training at Durlston

2012 Olympics - Sailing

2012 Olympic Sailing (W&PBC)

This week Weymouth and Portland Borough Council released the map showing the Olympic Sailing Competition Area.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Training.....more like a bring and buy sale

Austen Chris and Roger harness training - Chris wondering what he's done joining the team

1st proper training session of the year and a chance for the new trainees to see the kit and fight over the one coat unclaimed in the lost property box.

In fact it was amazing what was found in some peoples kit boxes that had not seen the light of day for some years with a common phrase "Oh that's where it went" heard.

Then it was down to the main task of the evening and a form of assessment that the team didn't actually know they were doing (and still don't until they read this!)
Each team member should be able to identify a piece of equipment and explain its name, its uses, its safety points and its location in the vehicle.
1st question....the animal bag....colour....."Blue"......oh dear this is going to a long session - its
red ! Thankfully it improved after this but it gave Allan and I an idea of what and where we need to tackle.
Then on to the harnesses, and a fitting session to see who can fit into a "no 1" or a "no 2" - I guess its one of those moments when slimmers world becomes an option?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Press Coverage

The story of Bobby the dog, who fell over the cliff at Old Harry last week, featured heavily in both the national and local press this week:
Daily Mail
Daily Express
Search and Rescue News
Wave 105
and from this week's guest publication: Pet Insurance.co.uk

Dragons Teeth

The mystery photo last week was actually the pavement on shore road....not very exciting until you know what was attached to it 70+ years ago as can be seen in the photo above. (courtesy of David Haysom at the Swanage Museum).

There were about 240 of these "Dragon's teeth" along the shore line of Swanage, some can still be seen piled up near the pier.

So next time you are out for a walk have a look for the reinforcing rods still in the pavements - but a word of advice.....mind the edge!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kimmeridge Emergency Response Volunteers (KERV)

Photo:-  John Palmer.

Kimmeridge Emergency Response Volunteers (KERV) were called out at the weekend to a walker who had slipped on the rocks at Kimmeridge. Rescue 106 provided a medivac - more information is over on their website. They work closely with our colleagues at Kimmeridge Coastguard who are on Facebook.

KERV are all volunteers and self funded so if you can help with their 'wish list' that would be great. One of their Lenser P7 search torches for instance is £30, and will save help lives. To get in touch please go  KERV's Facebook page.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New year - New Start

Tonight the new members of the team come to the station for a safety briefing and the issuing of pagers and kit.

Training of new Coastguard Rescue Officers (Volunteers) can take about 2 years by the time you have covered, rope rescue, searching, water rescue, driving, 1st aid and many other bits.
We will be covering the various training sessions as we do them.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Mud Rescue

Colleagues from along the coast in Highcliffe were involved in a mud rescue on Saturday afternoon along with some of the other emergency services.

We don't train for mud rescues in Swanage; each station is prepared for its local terrain and so whilst some teams are mud rescue specialists, our core strengths are in cliff rescue and coastal searches.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Good news

A comment received on our Facebook page:-

Hello I am the daughter of the owners of Bobby and because they do not have facebook I have been asked to post that all is well he has a broken toe and slightly chipped tooth but is all safe and well at home thank you again for everything you did for Bobby. :)

Driver training

Driver training this week at Studland.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


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Friday, 13 January 2012

Dog falls from Old Harry

Swanage Coastguard IRT were tasked at 15.00 along with the crew of the Swanage ILB to "Bobby" who had chased a seagull and fallen about 90ft.

Fearing the worse the owners from Poole quickly dialled 999 and asked the Coastguard for assistance. 17 minutes later Coastguards and lifeboat crew turned up to find the dog in shock and a broken paw.

The ILB crew brought the dog ashore at South Beach to the waiting Coastguard team and owners. The dog was taken to the vets in Swanage but due to the broken paw and advice from the vet the dog was transferred to the main vets in Wareham.

The owners were very grateful to both the Coastguard and the RNLI, where else in the World would you receive such swift service from volunteers?

As usual we would like to remind owners of dog to keep them on leads when on cliffs, the owners today confirmed they had just taken 'Bobby' off the lead and turned their backs for a minute when he disappeared.

The Swanage Lifeboat crew have just released their video

Setting the standards

Clearly standards have dropped having seen this photo this week. No longer do we go over the cliffs dressed in our "No 1's" (best suit). Note this is quite a senior Coastguard with 3 rings on his sleeve, probably a District Officer......oh how times have changed

Thursday, 12 January 2012

How do you all get to an incident?

Not like this anymore....thats for sure

He's on his way back and he's got a couple of tasks

Another welcome visit to the station today by John who readers will know has been quite ill for about 18 months now.
The MCA have been very supportive in John's recovery and not rushing him to return to front line duties.
So now he is feeling a little better it was time to give him a couple of little jobs.....!!!

We have a lot of old photos in a box...no good in a box and certainly no good when you do not know who the photo is of. So having served for 31 years John will go back and name who he can and put the photos in some sort of order.

Job number two, how do you mark 2012 and especially the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year.....?
We have lots of history going back to 1842......?
I wonder if over the years the team has been out on every day of the year......?
One of our new team members has provided a large diary.......

Bingo.....give John all the records, the diary and that's one amazing project.

"Every day of a year" a unique record of incidents on every day of the Coastguard year.

We will see how he gets on.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mystery picture

OK..........picture of the week.....

Where is it.....what is it?
A little clue its war related.


Out and about this week, the plastic drum washed up a couple of years remains at Sheps Hollow.
I think we have been called to this 3 times and await the District Council to arrange its collection.

Normally we would say if anything washes up never touch it and call the Coastguard, however in this case......we know about it thank you.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Our 1st incident of the year involved two paddleboarders crossing the entrance of Poole harbour. This form of water sport is gaining a popular following, however there is a difference between the picture above (warm conditions) and what we saw on sunday.

The MCA's safety campaign is about being prepared.............. so in the case of the paddleboarders

Checking weather and tides

Correct clothing

Safety equipment, a woolly hat is not safety equipment.

Help us to help you....be prepared

Monday, 9 January 2012

The New Zealand Connection

Very sad news last night that the "Rena" split into two. The authorities in New Zealand have been working very hard to try and remove the cargo in scene very similar to the Napoli before the weather beat them and you see the results.

One of our new team members is just returning from staying no further than a few miles away from this so I'm sure he will have a few tales when he arrives home.


Tide out this week so a view from a little further back......

I was also caught by one of our readers coming back from taking the picture!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

What's been going on......?

It been a little busy up at the station over the last week.....

The main task has been the annual paperwork clearance, followed by bringing up to date all the teams record (CG13's).

Further interviews for the final team position were carried out and I'm pleased to say that in the coming weeks we shall be introducing you to the new team members.

We had some sad news....... Paul Brown who this week reached 20 years of service decided to step down from the team. Paul was very unique as he could say that he was a true volunteer as he would never take any payment from the Coastguard.
Many year's ago the team were called to a cliff injured at the base of cliffs at Anvil Point. I was treating the male and expecting the helicopter to arrive but suddenly told it had been diverted to another incident in the channel. The next thing I knew Paul was along side me with the stretcher and we were both trying to work out how to get this climber safely back to the top of the cliff. Just then out of no where the Royal Navy helicopter turned up and airlifted the male, Paul and I were never so relieved.
On behalf of the team we would like to thank Paul for his years of service and we know he will be staying in touch.

Give Blood - Do Something Amazing......

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Brian's Shed

Coastguard Papa (Also known as Brian) is on IRT with me today.

I'm told that this morning he is fixing his shed roof that blew off in the gales earlier this week. In light of this knowledge we have put the rescue helicopter and 'shed extraction team' on full alert should things go pear shaped.

A shed load of work needed.

If you do hear the tell tale scream of a grown man falling through a shed roof, don't worry we have it covered.

Note to self:- Imagine how bad I'll feel if he does actually fall through the roof!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Don't drown.......

Yesterday Coastguards dealt with an incident which could have ending in tragedy had the person not been wearing his life jacket.

It appears the person was rowing his dinghy either from or to his yacht in Portsmouth and due to the weather conditions ended up on a sandbank and then airlifted to hospital by coastguard helicopter.

Weather conditions at the time were reported gusting up to Hurricane force 12 and going out in any boat let alone a dinghy would be questionable.

Whilst checking your boat on a mooring is important, it should always be done when conditions are safe, if it doubt contact the Coastguard.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A little bit of history

Photo courtesy of Dr M Aryes - Swanage Town Council

Some time ago I asked via the blog if anyone knew what was originally at the site of the new Coastguard Station at North Beach Car Park.

Well there I was in the Town Clerk's Office and there on the wall........a picture of North Swanage and the development of De Moulham Road.

The picture shows De Moulham Road with allotments and the development of Bonfield Avenue around 1920, perhaps?

The site of the future station is just waste ground? It doesn't even appear to be farm land.

The stream doesn't seem to exist let alone the car park.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Slipwatch 2012

It's back for the new year and more "mocking" from the team......

With all this rain (more forecast for tomorrow) more mud has slipped down.

On the blog front, we hope you like the new style, my very special thanks to Swanage Oscar for all his hard work, some minor adjustments will be made in the coming days so stick with us.