Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Coastguards in flare search

Coastguards from Swanage, St Albans and Kimmeridge joined Poole Lifeboat and Rescue 106 from Portland in a search near to the Wareham channel.

The search was started after several flares were seen triggering a major response.

Units searched the area for nearly two hours but found nothing.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Possible ordnance located at Peveril Point.

Readers may have noticed that the team has been searching the Peveril Point area for a possible piece of ordnance in the last couple of weeks.

The tides and weather has beaten us each time but thankfully with a low tide today it was quickly located and the National Maritime Operations Centre requested assistance from the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team from Portsmouth.

The team briefing at Peveril Point before searching.

The suspicious object located , scaled against a VHF radio.

The role of the Coastguard is to locate, photograph and cordon the area, assisted today by Dorset Police.

The Royal Navy team arrived just in time as the tide just started to cover the item. Clearing the area they got to work and quickly established the item was in fact a pipe.

No controlled explosion took place , it just happened at the time the team were on the beach there were some fireworks set off in the town.

The Royal Navy Team confirmed this was a good call and until they started to work it was unclear what this item was.

In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Water Rescue Training put to the test

Our Senior Coastguard Operations Officer (SCOO) formally known as a Sector Manager aka Allan (wearing the white helmet) puts Tom and Nick to the test at Peveril Point.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Water Rescue training

Anyone near the pier this weekend will have seen 30 Coastguard Rescue Officers going through their water rescue training with Allan and Rob.

Kerry and Duncan about to go for a swim on Saturday.

Thank you to Dave at The Swanage RNLI Lifeboat Station for assisting us dry the equipment over the weekend, oddly in our old station at Peveril.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

More from Molly

Last night the owners of Molly wrote to thank everyone involved in Molly's rescue.

They are fully aware they should have had Molly on the lead and they have joined a growing number of owners who have forgotten the rule.

Thankfully on this occasion along with our RNLI colleagues it turned out with a happy ending.

Brian keeping an eye on Molly until the lifeboat arrived.

Molly, Ian and Brian - with Old Harry in the back ground.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Molly takes a tumble.

This afternoons patrol was diverted to Old Harry Rocks after an owner of a Norfolk terrier called the Coastguard and reported their dog had fallen from the cliffs.

On arrival we found the owner and about 100 people looking over the cliffs.

The dog 'Molly' had fallen about 90ft and thankfully landed softly.

The patrol deployed some cliff equipment whilst Poole ILB was tasked from another incident to Old Harry.

The Poole RNLI ILB soon arrived and located Molly and safely recovered the dog to the boat.

Molly being brought ashore at South Beach Studland having been picked up by the Poole RNLI ILB.

Molly after her 90ft drop with her very grateful owners

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Good job he's got a helmet on!

Interesting BBC documentary showing how it was filmed!

It might look very risky but fair play this chap obviously spent a great deal of time in preparation.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Flood Alert issued

A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for East Coast of Dorset.

Flooding is possible for Castletown, Weymouth, Preston Beach, Swanage Bay, Studland Bay, Sandbanks, Poole Harbour, Bournemouth Beach, Hengistbury Head and Christchurch Harbour this evening and tomorrow morning.

Low lying coastal land and roads will be affected first.

Be prepared.

This Flood Alert effects the whole of the East Coast of Dorset particularly at Weymouth, Preston Beach and Swanage and will remain in force for two hours following the times of high water

The times and dates of the forecast high waters for which this Flood Alert is in force start at 07:30 pm (Local time) on 08/10/2014 ( 06:30 pm GMT) and 08:00 am (Local time) on 09/10/2014 ( 07:00 am GMT).

The forecast wind direction is south westerly
The forecast wind strengths are Force 8

Stay tuned to radio weather, news and travel bulletins on Heart Solent, BBC Radio Solent, Wave 105, Wessex FM and The Bay.

- Be prepared to protect yourself and your property.

- Keep your colleagues informed about the situation.

- Be careful along beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths and roads.

- Avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water.

- Farmers should consider moving livestock and equipment away from areas likely to flood.

- Keep an eye on local water levels and weather conditions. Visit the Environment Agency website www.environment-agency.gov.uk for river level and flooding information.

- Call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 using quickdial 04532 for up-to-date flooding information.


South West Region, Wessex Area
Flood Warning Duty Officer - Blandford
Area Incident Room
Rivers House
Blandford Forum
DT11 8ST
Floodline: 0845 988 1188

Monday, 6 October 2014

Yacht aground

Photos from yesterday's incident at Shell Bay.

Poole RNLI ILB coming alongside the yacht.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Youth Conference

Kerry and Ian attended the Youth Conference today to promote safe activities on the coast.

Well done to all those who attended.

We attended a cyber bullying workshop and found out that we had to say sorry to Roger.