Friday, 1 June 2012

Public Information Films

I read that the Central Office of Information COI was recently closed.  'Big deal!' I thought until I remembered all the great public information films they made.

.... including that ginger cat 'Charley' who was always banging on about telling mummy where you are going, blah blah blah... while doing handstands.... Charley says this, Charley says that...yeah whatever... jog on Charley.

Actually to be fair he was a very talented cat. OK so they are a bit dated, for instance I never had friends called Dave or Vera, but the films are classics!

Although sometimes Charley stuffed up.

...and the classic I have just found. "Charley says never play near teapots".... Now I'm an animal lover but Charley gets his just desserts for stealing sardines; and its hard not laugh a little.

The more modern films are equally entertaining.  Firstly some dancing prawns followed by a bloke saying in a semi-menacing tone "...your food will be seized and you will be prosecuted!". oooh scared.

I quite enjoyed them really.

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