Friday, 29 June 2012

Thorpe Park - Living life to the extreme.

In non-coastguard theme park related news......

Yesterday, as a treat, Station Officer Ian Brown's kids took him to Thorpe Park. Ian was really excited and wanted to go on all the big roller coaster rides.

Thorpe Park's Vomit-Extreme Ride

But sadly he was not tall enough to pass the height restriction test. :-(

No ride for Mr Brown.
..and had to settle for a more sedate ride.

At what point was it wise to send this photo to the team ?
- you know it's only going on the blog!

During the day he had 4 candy-flosses, 3 ice creams and 2 cans of fizzy drink, ......and so sadly, due to the extreme nature of the children's train ride, he felt very queasy and was nearly sick.

Living life to the extreme!

*usual caveat for Coastguard HQ - other theme parks, rides and fairground confectionary type products and services are available.

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John B said...

He's sneeked on to be the engine driver while the guard wasn't looking, unless he's been bribed with chockie biscuits!! Nice one Ian. (Glad you kept the candy floss down in the trip home)