Thursday, 31 May 2018

Good bye and thank you

It was both a sad and exciting day today..........

After 15 years of loyal service we said good bye to a valued team member ..... our Vehicle.

Yes sadly this long serving and valued vehicle finally said good bye to Swanage.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who worked hard to service the vehicle and keep us on the road - one careful owner and about 20 drivers it served us well.

So we move on and welcome our new vehicle

Our new vehicle has travelled about 630 miles where it was previously stationed in Scotland.

The team have been busy tonight ensuring it’s ready for services.

Monday, 28 May 2018

First Aid and a Yeti

A lovely day in Swanage yesterday after an interesting evening of thunder storms.

The patrol were flagged down on shore road to provide first aid for a cut and broken toe.

We also caused some confusion as we aren’t in our usual vehicle at the moment

We are borrowing a slightly different vehicle so sorry to those who went to wave yesterday and weren’t sure it was us !

A Yeti at Middle Beach yesterday

So just as we thought the day was done the whole team were tasked to assist South Western Ambulance at Durlston with a lady who had fallen and broken her arm.

The team provided first aid until the ambulance arrived, also providing care to a baby who had been involved and a young lady who during the incident had been bitten by a dog.

Finally we stood back and again watched an amazing electrical storm over Old Harry.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Are you prepared for the weekend ?

It’s a bank holiday weekend !

The weather might just be a little unpredictable in places with heavy thundery showers.

So what ever you are doing prepare well and ensure you have all your safety equipment and clothing.

The team did some preparation last night and hopefully it won’t be required but just in case we focused on our rope rescue skills.

The view looking down at Anvil Point.

Looking west from the bottom.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Search for missing Swanage resident

The team were tasked this morning to assist Dorset Police with a search for a 71 year old missing female.

The team were joined by colleagues from St Albans , DorSAR and both Swanage Lifeboats to search a large area around Swanage.

As the teams started their searches of the sea front an urgent call came in to assist a Male at Chapmans Pool reported to be in cardiac arrest. The St Albans team proceeded along with Rescue 175 and both lifeboats. Further Coastguards were tasked to assist but stood down on arrival.

The team further medically checked another Male at the location after this incident but after a short while confirmed he was ok to head home.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Help us help you - don’t block gates

The patrol on Monday came across this ......

Whilst it says fire access , these gates are vital for access to the beach in emergencies.

Whilst it doesn’t look bad the parking made it nearly impossible to use the access due to the angle.

Please keep clear of access gates - it could be you we are coming to rescue - park sensibly.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Why go away when you have Swanage ?

It’s going to be a hot one !

Heading to the coast ? Stay safe.

Ensure you know where your children are on the beach.

Wear sun cream for skin protection

Wear lifejackets if you are heading out on the water.

Walk on recognised paths.

In a costal emergency 999 Coastguard.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Busy day for Purbeck teams

The Coastguard teams in the area have had a very busy day on the first day of the bank holiday weekend.

The Swanage patrol were tasked to dancing ledge to back up colleagues from St Albans and Kimmeridge to a report of climber fallen breaking their arm.
Both Swanage Lifeboats were also tasked and picked up the climber and took them to meet an ambulance in Poole.

The patrol were again tasked back to Dancing Ledge and a report of another climber twisting their knee.
Again colleagues from St Albans and Kimmeridge were tasked along with the full team from Swanage.

On route the patrol were flagged down to provide first aid to a child fallen off their bike.

The teams arrived at dancing ledge and transported the young girl back to Spyway Barn and transport to the hospital.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Pleasure Cruise Boat Breaks Down

The team were busy on Saturday afternoon when a local passenger cruise boat lost control of its engines as it was docking and struck the pier

Fortunately, none of the 35 passengers were injured and neither the vessel nor the pier were seriously damaged.

However, the team was tasked firstly to administer first aid and secondly to act as liaison between the skipper and crew and the MCA surveyors who needed to be sure that the vessel was fit to sail back.

Whilst the team took photographs of the damage and recorded details of the incident from the crew and witnesses, an engineer was called and he soon had repairs in hand.  Once complete, the MCA duty inspectors and surveyors were called and they passed the vessel fit to return to its base so long as the engineer stayed on board throughout.

The team stood down and returned to base some five hours after being called.