Monday, 18 June 2012

First Aid

At training last week we had a visit from one of our colleagues from 'up North'.
Amanda Lee is a volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer all the way from Gloucestershire and was on a first aid course at the CG training centre in Christchurch, so the boss brought her over to meet the team. Being a nurse in her day job, she was well qualified to give us an impromptu first aid refresher.

Here, Eric is learning how to deal with a pencil growing out of his arm (actually its a simulated broken bone piercing the skin - use your imagination. We weren't allowed to use real broken bones....)

And as for coastguards in Gloucestershire? We did enquire about that, but it seems the Sharpness team is right on the banks of the Severn Estuary which is very tidal and very muddy, so the team is predominantly a mud rescue team (unlike us whose competence is in cliff rescue and searches).

Thanks for popping down Amanda, good to see you.

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