Saturday, 24 March 2012

What you doing this weekend 3

Yes its that time of year when the mower has to come out of the shed and the garden needs a cut.

Oh suddenly you remember you actually just put the mower away with out a clean and service. Do you

1) Plug it in or pull that starter cable in the hope it jumps into life 1st time?

2) Check all the workings and think it looks ok?

3) Or maybe you did clean it and get it serviced over the winter?

Well just like the mower - the boating season is nearly here what ever craft or boat you have, make sure you carry out a service (or get it serviced by a professional). A couple of hours now can make all the difference and maybe stop that rescue.

Right everyone out and start doing the garden!

1 comment:

John B said...

Looks like the Flymo MK.4
Once heard they ust get used each
year & just put them away when done with, get them out next time and there fine!!!?
I'll get mine out mid summer if i need to, I've got the MK 6 version
2 guinee pigs, they do a good job!!
Just got to remember to move the run each day.