Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Eric performs a miracle

This morning the team were paged to a report of a body on the north end of the beach.

Eric responded followed closely by Lee who claimed his 1st ever call out. Fearing the worse Eric and Lee were thinking of contacting Tom who is a specialist in this type of incident however they arrived on scene to start searching.

A good look around and still nothing to could be found, Portland MRCC recontacted the 1st informant to try and confirm the location and were told.........

"The body has got up and was seen heading towards Ocean Bay ! "

Clearly Eric had performed a miracle a talent we had not previously seen, a good result for a possible distressing incident.

But it did not end there...... Having had his 1st incident Lee decided to seek his 2nd and at lunchtime along with Swanage ILB, they were tasked to meet the ILB towing in a dinghy from Peveril Point.

March has arrived, the sun come out and people are out and about. Remember if you see or you think someone is in trouble - dial 999 and asked the Coastguard.

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