Monday, 12 March 2012

Back Training

Yes back to St Albans on Sunday for some more training......... Today was verification day for the St Albans team backed up if required by ourselves.

Well the weather was a lot better for a start and you could actually see more than a few feet. The St Albans team had enough team members so we went to one side to carry out an exercise.

The verify team popped across a few times and checked what we were doing but it was really St Albans day and they all did very well.

Above is Chris, Lee and Roger in action making a hold fast.


John B said...

Glad to see the weather was better this time for you.
See Rodger has the easy option holding the tape,is Cris hitting that metal stake or Tickling it!!
(not that I could hit it at the moment) See u soon chaps.

Anonymous said...

haha That's Lee tickling the stake (still he did a much better job than me). I'm the one standing there watching :)