Saturday, 17 March 2012

What you doing this week 2

Following last weeks .....check your life jacket, why not check your flares ? No not those in the wardrobe you normally wear on Saturday night but the ones you should have on your craft/boat. There are many types and makes of flares (picture below is just one example) but it should be something carried for use in case of emergencies.
How old are your flares - they do have an expiry date. How do you store them? Can you get them quickly? Probably the most important thing is, do you know how to fire them? Read the instructions, check the sort you have - remember you will be using them in an emergency and no doubt there will be some form of panic.
Two year ago a person off Old Harry went to fire a flare as his boat was sinking, due to the situation the person nearly fired the flare upside down which would have caused another hole in his boat.
Flares are dangerous in the wrong hands - make sure you know how to use them safely. If you need to dispose old flare make sure its to one of the proper centres. Here in Dorset the collection point is the RNLI college in Poole, make sure you phone 1st to arrange an appointment.

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John B said...

Checked my flares. All ok, but I'v
been told I can only wear them after 10PM in certain nite club's
Not distressing for me, could be
to other people!!! (Before 10PM)