Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mothering Sunday.....Mother-In-Law - Safety Advice For Blokes.

I haven't written a blog for a while, I was waiting for the fallout from my Valentine's Day blog to settle. 

Well most chaps will have bought their mothers a little something for Mothering Sunday tomorrow.…..and naturally their thoughts will turn to what to get the mother–in-law. Well following on from my helpful Valentine’s Day blog I thought I might be able to help out.

So here’s some Mothering Sunday for Mother-In Laws Q&As

How much should I spend on the mother-in-law?
Again don’t overboard, anything over a fiver and she’ll think you’re up to something. But you could splash out on a card.

Have I left it too late to get her something nice?
Why would you get her anything nice? No, you may still have time, again the Coop is open till 20:00 and they have chocolates. They do luxury ones too...

Swiss Choccies
...with a nice pic of a puppy.
Aw isn't he cute.

But I’m reading this blog after 20:00 – I’m stuffed right?
No, again much like Valentine’s day there is the fallback position. Both Triangle Garage and St Michael’s Service Station are both open until 22:00, they do a range of flowers which live in the bucket outside the shop door. Hold them out of the window as you drive home to allow the petroleum fumes to waft away. 

Or you could buy blue screen wash again but this time try and pass it off as a posh bottle of ‘Bombay Sapphire’ gin.

But what if she drinks the screenwash?
Well, the upside is that flies won’t stick to her teeth. The downside is that you’ll probably end up convicted as a poisoner.

Any other advice?
Yes, the chocolates are hers so make sure you don’t eat any of them; that would just be rude.

Ian will shoot me for this (again!)


Swanage Coastguard said...

Well oddly when you put on your safety advice we get more hits on the website. Clearly my marine safety advice isnt required anymore!

Anonymous said...

In the absence of a present, you could always offer to undertake some little jobs or chores. Such as washing half of her car for example.

John B said...

Don't worry chap's I'v got some
news for u. You'll be OK for next year.
I'v heard our local CO-OP will be
opening, Wait for it, AT 0600 in the morning untill 2300 at nite.
There won't be any excuse to miss
out. Dame it. Flippin CO-OP.