Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fly Tipping

Mr Bentham has only been on "light duties" since his operation and last week saw him return to the station to do some gardening.

Since the station was constructed John has enjoyed making the outside area look smart and tidy - working alongside the Town Council who cut the grass and trim the trees.
So with him missing its been something that has not been done too often.

During his stay in hospital a new drainage pipe was added which now settled has caused some hollows so John found some soil and started to fill them and remove the stones to avoid damage to the Council's mower.

Sadly someone took his actions as "Fly Tipping" and reported his actions to the District Council who wrote to John asking him to account for his actions.

Like a scene from the film " The Great Escape" his actions of dumping soil in the hollows were foiled and he may end up in court!

Thankfully District Councillor Gary Suttle stepped in pointing out that most "fly tippers don't tend to hang around to ensure the pile of soil is carefully flattened and stones removed. Here we have someone recovering from major surgery doing some good around a building they are part of. A letter of apology will be on its way."

Well done John, you have only been back a couple of weeks and caused problems - leave the trees to Council please.

'Fly Tipper  Bentham'
...this time being awarded by the UK Chief Coastguard for his work on the 2008 Napoli Incident.


Anonymous said...

Typical bloody nosey people, Well done John and glad to see you back Dave Ogden

Funky Gibbono said...

Good to see John B back , I expect the person who reported him was a grockle or a non-native !
Went to School with John , and met up with some of are old school cronies last November, Alan Horrocks and Gary Samways ... class of 78 ... which included Terry Dyke and Charlie Lander .