Sunday, 25 March 2012

Round up of the Weekend

Another quiet weekend for the team.

Having got the garden equipment out to cut the grass yesterday the strimmer went "pop" and died - just goes to show how important it is to check all equipment well after the winter.

Ian from Kimmeridge (aka Ian with the moustache) joined the team yesterday for the patrol and within 20 minutes we got a job at Old Harry. A vessel had pressed its emergency alarm but not responded to calls from Portland Coastguard. The Patrol arrived at Old Harry and using "an App" and the mark one eye ball the vessel was identified and monitored whilst it headed back to Poole. Thankfully Portland Coastguard managed to confirm this was a false activation and we were released to carry on our patrol.

This morning it was cleaning time with the Station Officer and chief helper - having been unable to attend the station for the last couple of weeks the station needed that extra clean to get it back to normal (well it smelt clean!).

Austen and Lee headed out for another patrol this afternoon - heading to the remote aerial site for training....I guess they got home?

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