Thursday, 8 March 2012

Numbering the Groynes

After a few years of planning the groynes on Swanage beach have finally been marked up to assist the emergency services quickly identify the area an incident is in.

The main beach has been completed (Clock Tower to Ocean Bay), the north beach is actually private but hopefully the numbering will be continued in years to come.

A lot of work is done behind the scenes to ensure the beach remains as safe and possible. Hopefully there will be new signage and watch out for the New beach wardens hut coming soon!


Occasional Blog said...

Does that mean we have to learn to read numbers as well now?

Swanage Coastguard said...

Yes but you are ok we only need to go up to six for the time being

John B. said...

Are there more than 10 being numbered? Might have to take my boots off and count on my toes!!