Friday, 31 July 2009

Kayak Racing Vs Salty Old Sea Dogs

At 7.00 sharp the kayak racing began. The Clock Tower to Ocean Bay. This was interesting in itself but for more amusement there were two men in a little boat. Swanage Coastguard's own Tom and Austen providing safety cover - off duty. Ian and I provided safety cover for the safety cover if that makes sense.

We have been trying to think who this lovely couple remind us of.....

is it Jack and Rose (Titanic), Captain Barbosa and his monkey... Pugwash and Master Baits... Captain Birdseye (x2)... Captain Jack (and his) Sparrow.... the Owl and the Pussy Cat. Answers on a postcard please!

Thankfully everyone got safely to shore - including the safety boat!

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Anonymous said...

I now know why only a few can go on the water were are there sea legs lol