Monday, 13 July 2009

Mountain Biker - The Pinnacles

Saturday saw a chap fall off his mountain bike above the Pinnacles, about 1 mile south of Old Harry; he had sustained neck and back injuries and was unable to move. The location was inaccessible to the ambulance and as such a full team page was set off and Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 104 (one-zero-four) scrambled from Solent.

The Swanage Team arrived on scene and assessed and stabilised the casualty and awaited the helicopter which was 20 minutes out. The weather was atrocious with a low cloud, rain and gusting wind making it a difficult operation for the helicopter.

Upon arrival the winchman was deployed with stretcher and lifting equipment allowing the team to fit a neck brace and move the casualty carefully onto the stretcher and then onto the waiting aircraft (which had now landed) for casualty evacuation to Poole Hospital. The Poole Coastguard Team and an Ambulance were ready at the Whitecliff landing site for the second transfer.

It would be fair to say that his cycle helmet took the brunt of the fall and his mountain bike buddies did the right thing in not moving him, calling the emergency services and keeping him warm.

We hope he makes a full and swift recovery.

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