Monday, 27 July 2009

It's a Knockout - Zorb Racing

It’s a Knockout

Saturday was ‘It’s a Knockout’ with guest commentator the Coastguard’s own Eric Hudson (Much better than Stuart Hall). Eric spent the afternoon laughing into a microphone.
Above: Coastguard Eric Comentatificating

Five events in total which I’ll review over the next few days.

One of the events was ‘Zorb Racing’ ????? Basically a person stuffed in a big blow up ball racing up and down Sandpit field. This is the event that we actually won hands down, admittedly we cheated, but we won nevertheless.

Above: Ian stuffed in a Zorb - bit like a chicken kiev.

We thought carefully about team selection and opted for Ian, Rid and ‘Normal Brian’ inside the ball. We were going to put the larger lads in namely Austen, Gareth and ‘Big Brian’ (Colin) but…

(a) they would not fit…..and
(b) even if they did, if that ball got rolling, the potential energy derived from those big chaps would be unstoppable. The Zorb ball would have no doubt veered off through the Pimms Tent, The Dunkin Donuts Stall and the Kite Tent before mowing down hundreds of people on the seafront. It was simply not worth the risk.

Ian hurt his ankle, Brain got dizzy and Rid was nearly sick…being a Coastguard is well dangerous.

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