Sunday, 26 July 2009

Carnival day one

An interesting day one of Carnival week......

Arrived at the station at 10.30, sorted the kit and made a few phone calls to ensure people were where they were meant to be.

Made coffee and then spent the next 30 minutes directing traffic around North Beach Car Park or explaining why the toilets are not open yet! Taped the back of the station off to ensure the back of the station wasn't used as a toilet.
One little interesting story, whilst stood in the door way of the station a young group were unloading their car, one said, why are those spaces taped off? a male in the group said I expect its so the Police can hide up here to eat their sandwiches. I wasn't to happy so I calmly explained why those two extra spaces were taped off, a rather embarrassed male walked off.
Not the best start to the day but knowing the effort from Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, Lifeboat etc I was not having anyone knocked.

Austen turned up in fancy dress (Tarzan?) and check over the kit and then Gareth arrived, explaining I had already missed one team meeting this morning.

Down to the sea front, and then its a knock out. Thankfully it wasn't a knock out for any one but special thanks to Colin, 'I really look like a bigger version of Brian' for boosting the muscle power on the team and Ian Welsh for holding 9 pagers, several radios, a good selection of mobile phones, keys and wallets...........if anyone sees Ian can they let us know!

We manged to have a small incident on the beach, before grabbing lunch and realising it was nearly time to get Red 10 for the Red Arrows.

The Red arrows were fab, unlike my cooking for the BBQ! The team re grouped for the fireworks before finally retiring at 10.30 pm.

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