Saturday, 18 July 2009


Well done to everyone who ran the Swanage half marathon today. Looked like hard look especially the climb out of Swanage and the hill on the back lane near Corfe Castle; ouchers.

I hear the local running club Purbeck Runners did well -

A Coastguard Patrol was put out to provide support if neccesary, and 3 other lads worked as First Responders - they had all the bandages and the defibi-thingwotsit, while Austen and I had a bar of Cadbury's chocolate. We obviously had the better deal.

Amusingly to us we were commenting on peoples running styles like we were some sort of coaching experts 'he needs to get his knees up.....a bit flat footed....stop waving your arms around" - says us sitting in the truck eating chocolate.

Still well done to all including the Carnival Committee who worked hard to make the event the sucess it was.

And well done to team member Terry for agreeing to run it next year.

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