Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's a Knockout - Hitting people with sticks.

I not sure what this event was called – so I’ve named it ‘Hitting people with sticks’. Basically stand on an inflatable mushroom and belt seven bells out of your opponent.

Austen was dead good at this but then he was up against a girl. In the spirit of equal opportunities he decided not to take it easy but belted her.

An unfair fight ...yes, entertainment ...yes.

Above: Evil Austen showing no quarter.

The crowd boo’d and hissed.....but we got the points.

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Knockout Game Fan said...

What a KNOCKOUT EVENT this was. Laughed until my sides ached. I wasn't in it but wish I had had the guts to - family loved it too! I hope it happens again next year !! Thanks for the fun.It TRULY was a Knockout Day