Sunday, 2 August 2009

ooooohhhhhhh arrrrrrrrrrr - said the crowd.

More fireworks last night; a really good display put on by the Carnival Committee. They’ve worked hard all week (in fact all year) and it was nice to see it end with a bang! (excuse the rubbish pun). Everyone who walked past us after the show was commenting that it was the best they had seen; so well done to Darren and the Committee.

Organising the fireworks is a pretty big deal, and all the emergency services are always in place should we be required.

At sea were two men in a little boat patrolling a temporary Maritime exclusion zone – to ensure the boats did not get too close to the waterborne fireworks. I say little boat but it was actually a Pocket Battleship – the 9ft plastic ‘Ark Royale-With-Cheese’, crewed by none other than Tom and Austen who have now decided that they want to be in the navy. (They were off duty- Coasties don't do water)

Above: Looking nervous in training the day before.

They understood that their payoff for patrolling this exclusion zone was to be the best seats in the house when the fireworks commenced. The firework organiser (known as the let-er-off-erer) came over to us ask if the safety boat could move further out as it might be too close; “what was that, nearer? want them nearer, down wind” said Ian smiling.

Jonathan Ross (Local Resident) was not here this year so the town had to countdown themselves 10 – 9 -8 wait 10- 9 -8 -7 wait, every year they do it. …get on with it ….3-2-1 Bang! And we’re off!

Above: The ‘Ark Royale-With-Cheese’ moored safely off shore in a fog bank. - No readers it REALLY is in the middle of this lot. We were smiling at this point.

Within 3 seconds Tom and Austen sitting in their exclusive ringside seats, were engulfed with smoke, spending the entire 20 minute performance coughing and spluttering in the thick firework fog. On shore it would be fair to say that this gave us Coastguards much amusement, especially when the waterborne fireworks went off!

Thirty minutes later and Tom and Austen returned to shore, slightly blackened, followed by a funny gunpowder smell. “Austen, have you been on the fake tan?” "BIT LOUD WAS IT!"…“So how were the best seats in the house, chaps?”

…..their terse replies are unblogable.

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