Friday, 24 July 2009

Yakitty Yak - Don't Talk Back.....

Apparently a Yak is coming to the carnival to put on an air display after the Red Arrows on Saturday evening.

Yes a Yak.

Above: Big Hairy Yak

Now I’m no rocket scientist or aeronautical engineer, but with my limited physics and biology skills I can say for definite that the above beast is unlikely to fly, and unlikely to put on much of an air display.

Now I might be wrong.

To be fair I’d pay good money into those red carnival charity buckets to see a big hairy cow doing loop the loops in the sky above Swanage. There’s probably a cheap joke about ‘pats on the head’ to made at this point but I’ll steer clear. (Steer clear gettit.?)

I am however advised that there is another Yak – namely a Yakovlev - a Russian company who manufacture aeroplanes. I could go on Google or Wikipedia and electronically copy and paste some text about the founder being Mr Yakovlev from Russia but I’ll leave you to do that.

Apparently there are about 70 different types of Yakovlev plane or Yak and I couldn’t tell you which one is coming for definite, but I’m sure it’ll be udderly brilliant.

My money is on a Yak 52.

Above: Fast Scary Yak

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