Monday, 29 December 2008

Review of the year part one

Its been an interesting year for us, here's just a few of our incidents that we have dealt with during the year.

On the 20th January we had a visitor, a dolphin!
A large crowd turned up whilst a member of the public helped it back out to sea.

The 27th January saw a tragic incident at Anvil Point, A climber fell, friends went in to help him. He was airlifted to hospital along with one of his friends where sadly he passed away.
As we were dealing with that incidents a female fell 100 metres away leaving her daughter on the top of the cliff, sadly she died also.

The 27th January was a very long day for the team and probably one of the saddest.

6th April, Dorset Police requested assistance in searching for two walkers missing on a heath at Studland, the IRT drove in and around locating them and taking them back to their B&B in Harmans Cross.

22 March saw this item discovered on Studland Beach. Still live after 60 years , the bomb disposal unit dealt with it.

1st May saw Rescue 106 and them team search Ballard for a Han glider on Ballard, nothing was found.
In between the incidents, lots of training on the new rope equipment, and getting ready for our new station.

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