Saturday, 13 December 2008

Police (Fire, Ambulance and Coastguard) Camera Action

Just a little note to say the following photos were an exercise using actors.

At 20.30 last night residents of Swanage must have wondered what was going on......

2 Fire Appliances
1 Ambulance and 1 Ambulance Car
3 Police Cars
1 Coastguard Truck.

With permission of the Police, all emergency vehicles proceeded to Broad Road Car Park to a report of a car accident........

The scenario set up was that 4 young people were stuck in a crashed car, and there was a demonstration by the Services to show how they deal this these types of accidents.


Well in Dorset alone this week 5 people have lost their lives on the roads, the idea of this display was to show the younger drivers what happens in an emergency and encourage them to drive more carefully and responsibly.

This initiative was lead by Dorset Fire and Rescue and Dorset Police and will be used throughout the county.

So why did the Coastguard attend.......?

In Swanage we support our colleagues in the other services, you only have to think about the bus incident at Studland, our role would be to set up a landing site for a helicopter, or assist in the first aid of the casualties.

There must have been about 70 people watching and as it was filmed other young drivers will be shown it....

Well done to all those involved

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lifeboatjohn said...

Awesome, well done guys!