Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hairy Alligators

Last night after dark, three chaps were spotted paying a rather keen interest in the building site! A resident informed Dorset Police (including providing their vehicle details) who in turn contacted the Station Officer (Ian) who in turn tasked Austen and Gareth to check it out, who in turn went to site to wave some torches around.

It would appear that some ‘nefarious persons unknown’ had forced the fence in two places, perhaps with a view to coming back later.

Gareth: ‘Do the Police know we are in here?’
Austen: ‘Yeah, Ian’s sorted it. Why do you ask?’
Gareth: ‘Because a cop car has just turned up!’
Austen: ‘Bugger!’

Policeman: ‘Hello-hello-hello’ (no he didn’t say this, it just sounds good) ‘Oh it’s only you two! That’s alright I’ll call off the Hairy Alligator Team that’s just left Blandford’

Gareth: ‘Hairy Alligators?’
Policeman: ‘Yeah I saw two guys poncing around with torches, so I called in the dog team!'

Austen: 'Flippin Heck! that was lucky!! do you know how quick one of those dogs is!'
Gareth: 'To be fair Austen it doesn't matter how quick the dog is, .....I've only got to outrun you!

Photo: Coastguard Eating Police Dog (aka the Hairy Alligator)

Meanwhile the site has been re-secured, the Police have stepped up their patrols in the area, and Austen and Gareth have returned home without being savaged.

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