Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Review of the year part 2

24th May, saw one of the luckiest persons we have come across, whilst standing on top of the cliff at Old Harry, he slipped and fell down about 60ft. Rescue 106 lifted him to safety.

15th June , saw us working with St Albans and Kimmeridge teams when a car drove over the cliff, the male was found him the next morning and airlifted him to hospital

30th June, the team were tasked to Ballard and a male who had fallen down part of the cliff. This was the 1st time we got close to the helicopter! (real close).

29th July, some of the team were in action with the helicopter again!, two people airlifted to hospital after nearly drowning at Studland. The helicopter landed in the garden of one of the houses in Studland, then after the team members had tea on the lawn with the owners of the house!

31st July, propably the most unusual incident of the year that the team were tasked to, the 150 Bournemouth to Swanage open top Bus is hit by a car on the ferry road and tips over, fearing the worse every emergency services availble were sent, to find several people thrown from the top of the bus. Thankfully the people fell onto gorse and heath, so only cuts and bruises.
The team were all sent a letter of thanks from the Ambulance Service for their attendance.
Thankfully after July it calmed down abit, maybe the weather had an effect on the incidents, until the 19th September when the IRT had 3 incidents in the space of 2 hours. Then on the 18th October, the IRT were tasked to the Pier to meet a dive boat which had a diver with mask squeeze on board! (Sorry no photo, but it must have hurt at the time)
So as 2008 draws to a close we stand at 118 incidents, down on last year by 4 incidents.
A challenging but awarding year, thank you to the team, their families, our supporters, Swanage Lifeboat Crews, Dorset Police, South Western Ambulance, Dorset Fire & Rescue (Swanage) and everyone that has helped in one way or another this year.

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