Monday, 15 December 2008


It has always been a tradition at the Christmas party to award the odd award for various things, best probationer, best incident, person put in the most effort and so on.

This year Terry approached me to make things a little more official. In memory of our great friend Mike "Spike" Williamson, Terry purchased a miniature sexton and wished it to be awarded to the Swanage Coastguard who has put in the most effort during the year.

The plan will normally be the team will decide in a private ballot every year, however this year , being the Station Officer, I pulled rank and requested that this year the award be given to one person who in my opinion has really held the team together, got on with the job despite one of his family being very ill.

This years Mike "Spike" Williamson award for outstanding service to Swanage went to

The DSO Austen Rockett.

Life as the DSO is no fun, you are stuck, carrying out the Station Officers requests, and listening to the team requests, Austen has been a great support to me, covering me whilst I have been at work, keeping the station and equipment clean, and getting on with it despite one of his daughters having a major operation. Austen always has a smile on his face and does that little bit extra where required to keep the team going. He has lead the team out on several occasions, this year to some serious incidents (the bus crash) and the feed back that I got back was nothing but praise.

Well done Austen, you really do deserve this award.

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