Wednesday, 31 December 2008

..and the winner is?

And here are Deputy Blog’s top three photos of the year…….

At number three we have Austen at Swanage Carnival; this photo never fails to make me laugh. The reason? .Well Austen didn’t know he was being photographed! No seriously he didn’t. Lord knows what he’s doing?

At number two, the rescue at Chapman’s Pool. The Swanage Team were called to back up the St Alban's Coastguard Team, after a chap and his dog drove over the cliff. (Both were ok in the end). It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we turned up to find the helicopter below us, allowing this photo.

And number one….the Coastguard / RNLI / Swanage Sea Rowing Club ‘Joint Rescue’ in the summer. The photo was snatched at arms length behind the photographer's back, without even looking at the viewfinder. It shows the Rowing Club Gig ‘Old Harry’ in the background and was a great example of how this community pull together- what we do best.

Happy New Year all.

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