Monday, 1 December 2008

End of an era

The plan on Sunday morning was to head out and carry out the last training exercise of the year at Peveril Point, however did you see the weather?

Now normally we are a tough lot but with half the team getting over "man flu" I took the decision to stay in the warm (if you can call the station warm).

With the paper work and opportunity for the team to raise any thing done, an ambulance arrived, and out popped Terry and Ken. Terry of course is a member of the team and Ken served for many years on the St Albans team, sadly today was Ken's last day on the Ambulance so it was rather nice they popped down to the station.

Certainly I can remember several incidents when Ken was lowered down the cliff to assist a fallen climber, let alone the times I was allowed out on the Ambulance to observe.

So Ken thank you for taking care of us and the people of Swanage, and best wishes in your retirement.

Now that was not the only "end", today could be the last training session held in the current station as the only training we carry out in December is mince pie eating! (See I am kind sometimes and give the chaps a rest)

So Sunday really was the end or an era !

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