Sunday, 9 September 2012

Team BBQ

So, on saturday afternoon amongst the pagers going off the team were having a get together to celebrate mourn Austen leaving us. We set up and Gareth decided he wanted a bit of shade and put up the Gareth size umbrella!

As the afternoon wore on the pagers managed to stayed quiet for a little while for us to hand out a Jubilee medal to Steve who was away when they were handed out, a present to Rid who defected moved over to Poole and joined the team across the water and also a few little bits that we had brought Austen.

In a small tradition in Swanage Austen handed over a pair of DSO (deputy station officer) epaulettes to Gareth who is taking over while Aus is away.

The big tidy up starts and while doing this we find Ian our station officer doing his bit for the environment and recycling..........

Well that's what he said he was doing personally I think he was looking for any left overs!!


. said...

Looks like you didn't feed Ian enough

John B said...

May be he's looking for a midnite snak!!