Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Oscar becomes Bravo

With Austen away and Gareth now the Deputy Station Officer there has to be a slight change in the call signs used.

Gareth was Swanage Oscar.........he now becomes Swanage Bravo.

Gareth was a little upset about losing the Oscar call sign which is his trademark within the team, so I have assured him that Oscar will be protected for the time being.

However readers might remember that some time ago the Coastguard Service introduced a special call sign to show who was in charge of an guessed it OSCAR !

Normally if Swanage Alpha or Bravo is at an incident they are the Officers in Charge however someone else could take charge and to identify them they add the Oscar call sign to their own call sign, ie Swanage Echo Oscar (not always easy to say!)

So we will ensure that Gareth is in charge sometimes so he can say Swanage Bravo Oscar.

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