Friday, 28 September 2012

Attack of the Gingerbread Men

On arrival at the Station for Kit Night we were met by another suspicious package. – Last time someone tried to blow us up by leaving some dodgy flares! 

But this time it was slightly more mysterious, and a lot safer.....

There was a note:-

Suspicious Hand Written Note 

And inside the package were 7 new recruits. A flock of Gingerbread men. Each was individually decorated, and wrapped.

Gingerbread Coastguard Team

Regular readers will all know about Malcolm the Gingerbread Man who joined the Swanage Coastguard team last year only to be dismissed after he was eaten by a dog. It’s a long story but much like BBC iPlayer, you can catch up here.

Dee was delighted to mind that she had her own gingerbread woman with eyelashes.

Miss Gingerbread Woman

There was a slightly chubby one also.

The Porker

We thought about deploying them in a search party to find the boathook that is still undertaking a 'float test' somewhere in Swanage Bay, but realised that it was Brian's job to find that!

Thank you to the mystery person who made the gingerbread chaps! I can confirm that they helped with kit night and were all then eaten.

....all apart from Gingerbread Chap 'Peg Leg Pete, who escaped.... no doubt he may show up on the blog over the next few weeks :-)


Swanage Coastguard said...

At last someone loves us !!!!

John B said...

Thank you for the gingerbread men
Yum Yum!!

Anonymous said...

where was the one for the dso on leave . am need one .