Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Boathooks ....

After the careless devastating loss of the boathook in the Swanage storm this weekend I decided to cheer myself up by buying my nephew his birthday present, he’s 3. 

After a bit of research I found a Playmobil fishing boat. Behold:-

Ariane- with fisherman chappie.

It was delivered today and I’ve resisted the temptation to play check all the bits are there.

Not a bad little boat really, ok ok…. so it’s not as good as San Gina 2 although the fisherman does look a bit like it's skipper (local fisherman and lifeboatman) Tom Greasty, what with his jeans , stubble, lumberjack shirt and knife? knife? He’s a fisherman not some cut-throat pirate.

Anyway I checked the back of the box. Wow, readers, a serious wow! look at play value all the kit he’s got onboard:-

Life ring (very good!)
Fish Boxes x2
Fenders x4
Bog Standard Seagull – i.e. Herring Gull 
3 Salmon? Actually they might be Bass or a load of Pollocks.
Fishing Rod, with line.

Oh no, seriously?

Oh, oh, I’m welling up, tears in my eyes, …he’s only got a ….. I can’t bring myself to say it …….a b,b,b,   boathook! Yes, the Playmobil Tom Greasty lookalike fisherman chappie has only got a boathook!! 

…..which is one more boathook than the Swanage Coastguard Team currently have!

I might register the boat on a CG66 just in case it sinks in the bath.

*Other plastic based toy things made by Germans are also available.

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