Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Missing in action

RIP Billy Boathook.

When I arrived at the incident yesterday, I suggested we go and collect a few items that got washed up on the beach. The team went back to the station to collect the trailer and I suggested they bring the boat hook. I was then given the sad news.....

Swanage Coastguard Team are saddened to report that yesterday they lost ‘Billy the Boathook’ to the waves. Yes our treasured wooden boathook was taken by a cruel sea. Brian said a large wave ripped it from his grasp as he bravely fought to save it, but eyewitness accounts say he just gave it a ‘float test’ (i.e. he threw it in the sea).

Either way it is gone; ...probably floating off the Isle of Wight – that or ‘rescued’ and taken home. We console ourselves that at least Billy boathook went doing what boathooks do best, being a boathook.

You would not believe the amount of forms that we Brian will need to fill in to get a new one. Plus providing the team with cakes obviously.

Billy is brown, made of wood and shaped like a boathook. If you do have Billy please drop him up the station.

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