Monday, 10 September 2012

Roger 'The Sausage' Patrick - BBQ Chef

Oh and a big thanks to BBQ Chef - Roger and his Massive Magners Meat Fridge.

Three hours of cooking and not one food poisoning casualty!

....amazingly Roger was able to cook quicker than Austen can eat - 
As Paul Daniels would say (in an annoying high pitch voice) 'That's Magic'.

Burger-ing Up the BBQ

Getting hold of a little sausage

Nice Skirt Apron Rodge!

After this Roger only went onto another BBQ - apparently it was a couple of the local ambulance personnel's joint 50th Birthday  ;-).


Anonymous said...


Nige bower said...

Rodge!!! Looking goooooooood fella!!!!!

Coastguard Oscar said...

40th Oops, sorry. ;-)