Sunday, 3 October 2010

Two for one

Yesterday's incident at Anvil Point was difficult as there were two climbers stuck on a ledge. Thankfully neither were injured so it was a case of lowering our Technician over the cliff (Austen the DSO) secure one climber, bring them up and then do it all over again.

Working at Anvil is tricky for us as we have to work so far away from the cliff edge to enable us to get our stakes in the ground (the holdfasts/anchors we attach all the equipment too). We don't have any visuals with the cliff top safety officers so have to rely on hand signal relayed by other team members and the radio. Due to the distance the ropes stretch quite a bit which again has its challenges

Anyway well done to Austen for the double lift, it was nice to preform a rescue without the helicopter (no offence but when you practise and practise its good for the team to perform the rescue, no need for the helicopter where no one is injured).

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