Wednesday, 6 October 2010

50p for the Meter?

To ensure a reliable radio reception all over our patch, the coastguard has a VHF repeater aerial high on the hills overlooking Swanage.

Today, Portland Co-ordination Centre noticed a fault light on their indicator panel suggesting the repeater wasn't working properly. Whilst this wasn't an immediate problem it could hamper communications during an emergency, so the team were sent to check out the fault.

It seems the main power supply was down, but fortunately the back up generator had burst into life as intended and was maintaining the service. As the team couldn't find 50p for the meter, the information was relayed to Portland and a man with a screwdriver was called in to try to remedy the fault.

Eric looking for the fault.....

....and then writing a 'To Do' list before his Golfing Weekend.

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