Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ian 20 Up!

To celebrate 20 years here's some photos of 'Boy Wonder' aka Station Officer Ian Brown.

Sausages anyone?

He does Pizza Delivery in his spare he has spare time!

"Hands off my chopper!"
A serious training session

Open night mike at the station.....Have you heard the one about the Vicar and the...

Why is he laughing, no explanation yet given

This photo was originally cropped to take out the bench and make him look tall.
20:23 Meringues '...don't mind if i do!)
22:47 Burgers

03:47am Biscuits

New Truck

He even appears in people's loos...see left
Nice Hat!
Grumpy chops
Co-ordinating stuff

Ian and his better (taller) half Rachael.

Team Swanage (taken by Ian)
Walking the walk with Mr B

Leading by example.....

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